Monday, January 12, 2009

I broke my leg

Ok, not to worry. That's just a metaphor. I walked until my leg was about to break. More on that later.

I've decided that since everytime I adjust my photos the spacing becomes troublesome, I will not touch it a bit. So if the spaces between the photos are damn huge. Please pardon me. I just wanna try if my theory works.

Last night was the most memorable night for me, I webcammed with two of my favourite baby cousins...

Which are not so baby anymore. Hahahaha~

Sorry didn't manage to capture a good shot of you both.

Anyways, Vivian is my mother's brother's daughter and is 16th this year while Weixian is my mother's sister's son, 15th this year. Both of them were my babies coz when they were still in their diapers, I had a chance to take care of them.

Gosh! I seriously feel like digging out old photos of them in their diapers coz they look damn different compared to last time.

Anyways, we have nt seen each other for awhile. More like difficult to see coz Weixian and Viv are both in Singapore while I'm in Malaysia. And I have no passport so I can't visit them. I only get to see Wei Xian like once a year during CNY and Viv once in a blue moon.

So last night, Viv came up with a plan and we webcammed tiga-tiga sekali.

Something like this...

It means we open two convo each. Then view each other's webcam and show the other one our webcam. So it came out like that. That's why you see two of me but each of them only.

It was damn fun I tell you. We talked about pass and how we used to play together.
Sadly they don't remember everything. But I remembered a lot. Especially about Vivian.

Erm... this is WeiXian and I doing some role playing. I wanted to show him some fat malay woman and he's some terrorist from somewhere. HAahhaahhahaha~
The terrorist damn geng lor... Use Levi's jeans to cover the mouth to hide identity. Hahahahahahaha~
We chatted till 3am until all of us was yawning furiously. Like seriously can't stop and we decided to say bye...
No wei xian saying bubbye coz my connection and his got some unressolved isssue. Hahahahahaha~
After going offline, I wept a little coz its such a rare opportunity for us to all get together like this anymore. Sigh~ Why are separations so cruel? Tell me why. How I wished none of this happened. T_____T
So I slept at almost 4am. Yes, freaking 4am Mr Paulie MKY!!! Not some business you are talking about. Its because I'm emo.
Well, just to show you that Mr Paulie Mok was here today...
Here's his back wtf. ahahahahahaha~
He was resting after shopping for two hours. Hmpf~ so weak. Two hours nie then wanna die d. :P
Anyways, this morning I woke up by the vibration of my phone.
Guess who sms-ed?
By leaving, he meant leaving Melaka and coming here.
You know what????
That sms made me wake seriously wide awake.
Usually people sms or call me I don't really bother. I don't even wake up to pick it up. But last week on Wednesday, I was supposed to wake up at 7am to get ready for German class but I didn't. Li shan called me like a thousand times but I didn't hear it. I just slept like a pig. And I missed whole day of class.
So because of that I became so alert to my phone's vibration. This morning the freaking phone vibrated and I thought I was late again but no. It was just a sms to tell me he's coming here already.
And do you have any idea what time it is?
I have no class ok? I mean who wakes up at 8am if they don't have 9am class? Tell me tell me. Who's so hardworking??? Tell me right now!!!
I thought that was the last of it. So I put down the phone and wanted to continue sleeping. But no...there's more. Hahahahahaha~ Didn't take down all the sms-es la. Coz they are pretty lame anyways.
DAmmit man this fella. I thought I told him I'll be waking up at 9am.
I even got prove ok?

Its "i will be awake by..." typo. Hehe
Yeah he said Whatever and he sms-ed me at 8am to wake me up. WTH WTH????
I didn't even ask for it!!!!
Hahahahahaha~ But bro, apologize accepted coz you were the best clown ever. Hahahahahahaha~
Not much photos taken coz we were buzy shopping for clothes.
Only a few he took of me in McD.
Wahahahhah~ like studio pic nie.
He said I always take ugly photos of him. ie the one in the post below. Hahahahahah~ So he wanna take revenge. But sorry babi every photo came out damn nice.

Even the blur ones. Hahahahahahaha~ God is fair like I said.
Lemme tell u smtg damn funny. I got lost twice...yes TWICE on the way to meet him in Times Square.
One: I got lost in KL Sentral coz I forgot which entrance leads to the monorail. So I kept running around in KL Sentral. I end up in front of The Meridient (Is that the right spelling?) and a couple of times in some toilet before finding the right way. hahahahahahaha~
Two: I got lost in this building called Menara Berjaya. After getting down from the monorail I forgot which way leads to Times Square. I took the path leading to Menara Berjaya thinking that Times Square is in Menara Berjaya since its BERJAYA Times Square. But I come to this old building that scares me. And I can't find the escalator down or stairs. When I finally got out of the building. I realised I was opposite of Times Square. HAhahahahahaha~
I nearly got lost again when Paulie asked me to bring him to Pavillion. But I was smart enough to ask for directions this time. HAahhahahahahahaha~
Yes, I'm living up to my new name, the blur sotong. Hahahahahahaa~
Brought Paulie shopping in every selok belok in Sg Wang and thanks to me, he bought 3 nice tops. Coz I helped to choose them. Hehe~
Then as expected we laughed like orang gila everywhere. In Sg Wang and Times Square and also awhile at Pavillion. I think everyone who passed us thinks that we are some sort of freak high on laughing gas.
I think the funniest is the time we were in this shop called S&J to look for stuff to put in Paulie's car and I saw this chicken. This chicken has its mouth open and the tummy bulging. Damn funny looking. I was so curious that I pressed its tummy. But no sound came out. Then I let go and guess what? The chicken made this super funny "squawk" out of the sudden. Hahahahahaha~ And the whole shop was like quiet and the "squawk" was damn loud. HAhahahaha~ I look at PAulie expecting to hear him scold me "Bodoh!" like he always did. But instead we both burst into laughter. Then we kept pressing and making the chicken go squawk squawk squawk. Then we laughed like orang gila in the shop. Both of us was so tempted to buy the chicken. Coz its so funny. But no point right? Buy for no reason. HAhahahahahahaha~
I will take photo of the chicken one day and post it up. Haha~ Really cannot tahan I tell you.
Thanks Paulie for making me laugh like a fool the whole day. Its like I'm back in Melaka again. How I wished everyone was here. Supheen, Fay, Seow wei, Teck and Yuyu. But having you was enough la coz if everyone was here I think KL would be filled with our crazy laughter. HAha~
Oops! Ugly photo of you again. Its fated bro, it fated. HAhaahhahaha~
Anyways, I bought some things too! Woots!
Well, I bought things that are not related to CNY coz I wanna keep the rest for the best. If you know what I meant Liow Sinren....
Here's what I bought...

We passed Famous Amos so many times the smell just nearly killed us. So damn nice ok the smell?
I bought 100g when Paulie went to try clothes and let him try one piece when he got out. But he didn't like it. Ceh~ Said that it was too sweet. Ceh~ Like my Chinaman father nie. HAahahahhaha~
Well I love 'em... I'm like addicted to it since Shiuli gave me one the other day. Yes, I'm so damn outdated.

Bought this for RM10. So damn cute right?
I'm collecting nice and cute necklaces like this recently. Any recommendations to get cheap ones?

The giraffe and the tiny bow is so girly... I feel so girl-girl now. AHahahhahahaah~

RM20 nia. Cheap or not?

Sorry I know my bermuda shorts damn ugly. And the mirror's too small. Unlike the one I have in my room. HEheheheeh~
Its not mine so can't complain too much or else next time can't use then teruk lor. HAah~

yes, its a top, not a dress.
I heard that people with butt need to buy clothes that are loose on the top. So recently I'm getting bigger size tee and also loose loose top like this.
The top part is poofy lah...not like loose.
Sorry I wore no jeans coz I lazy wanna go take.
Oh yea. Guess how much is this????
RM24 nia.
But can't try lah... ITs up to your own judgement whether you can wear or not and also whether its nice or not on you.
Today I broke my record. I shopped for 7 hours. OMG!!! I don't think I shopped so long ever ok???? Now my leg hurts like a bitch. HAhahahaha~ I don't even feel like moving. I juz wanna sit or lie there like orang cacat.
I think tomorrow's gonna be worst.
So for the moment you shopaholic's gonna rest. Hehe~
Thanks again PAulie and stop thanking me coz I did nothing for you except for suggesting the best top for you :D
I will remember this year's cheng beng. HAahahhahahaaha~ INside joke that only we understand. ;)
K lah... Gotta sleep.
Class at 9am.
My poor poor feet...
*updated p/s: Ceh~ my theory didn't work. Zzzzz~~~~*

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