Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jane's get together birthday lunch :)

Hello hello~

Gosh! you have no idea how tired i am this week. But tak sangka I so tired still can blog huh? Hehehe~

Tell you why I'm so tired....

Monday...times square and sg wang with paulie
tuesday...1u with Esther and chooiyin
wednesday...1u with mel, esther, jane and li shan
thursday...midvalley with mel, esther and li shan
friday...times square and sg wang with sinren coz was sick
sunday...midvalley with sinren

Tell me who won't be exhausted wei? CAnnot lah... shopaholic also needs a rest. I shall not go any malls next week. Like seriously. Or else I think I would really lose my legs....

Anyways that day I went to 1u and bought this top...

Umbrella ella ella hooded top from FOS. I think its gonna look damn good with jeans and suitable to wear to uni.

My yellow colour hooded top had stains of blue on it coz my bra from la senza freaking fades colour. :( Not very amused lor... so expensive summore will fade. So low class meh? So anyways, I've to replace my hooded top lor. Plus the yellow one is too tight d. This one is loose enough and the material is thin and breatheable. :)

On the same day, we also went to buy Jane's birthday cake...

...which consists of a few different mini cakes.

I can't remember all the cakes but there's brownie with walnut, marble cheese cake, chocolate fudge and bla bla bla...

We wanted to do a surprise mini celebration for her at 12am actually. With "Happy Birthday" banner even. But manatau she came back late and all of us was super tired already. Hehehehe~ So I was incharge of showing her her cake and giving her the present. Hope you liked it gal.... :)

Then on her bday itself we pay backed la for the lost. Right after class we went to 1u's Seoul Garden to celebrate her birthday over lunch. We wanted to go to karaoke actually coz that's what we did last year but she couldn't coz she had some recordings to prepare for. So we went to Seoul Garden which was better coz I've not been there ever. Not even Melaka's.

In case some who doesn't know or haven't been to Seoul Garden, its a Korean restaurant which serves BBQ stuff. Like they give you a hot plate then you can BBQ meat or whatever at all on top of it and also there's this small pot of soup for you to cook your stuff in it.
Something like those steamboat with soup and hot plate la. But this one no oil provided at all. Its a miracle nothing burnt. Hahaahhahaahah~

Because its a korean there's a variety of kimchi to choose from. My favourite has got to be the cabbage kimchi coz the others looked weird to me.
Wanted to try the carrot kimchi but don't know why didn't.
OMG!!!! Can anyone teach me how to make kimchi. I love them to the bits. So so nice!!! My mother's friend's neighbour who are koreans made mum a bottle of kimchi. I fiinished the whole bottle during the break. Wakakakakakak~ Maybe I should go to their house and ask them how to make.

So much fun lor... I love this type of restaurants. Got lots of variety of food to choose from and can play masak masak for real summore.
My friends took masak-masak seriously and started frying rice on the hotplate...

Without oil how to fry you tell me lah... Funny la these people all...
Some more add kimchi sauce into the fried rice. Hahahaahahah~ so creative arh...
Apparently they said it tasted good wor. I don't know true or not lah. Coz I didn't try mah...
Hey maybe next time we can fry mee ker or other stuff thr. Hahahahahah~ Fried ice cream maybe?

I was wearing "The happiest girl in the world" shirt and I certainly am the happiest girl that day coz eating's my passion. Ahahahhahahahahahah~
Here's me enjoying my mantao with ice cream...


I downed so many until my tummy nearly burst man I tell you. Fried mantao is the best shit in the world yo!!!
The best thing was we could make our own desserts. Coz there's this ice cream stall and some ice shavings making machine. DAmn nice woi!!!!

My creation...with ice, yam ice cream and nuts and this shit...

which looked like embryo of something or is it sperm. Hahahahahahah~
What is that exactly? CAn anyone tell me?
Anyways, my creation was super tasteless. Only the ice cream had taste. Haha~ I didn't eat anything else when I finished the ice cream.

The something out from stampede. Lolol.
Before we left, we took a group photo...

See... I told you i was obsessed with the mantao. Must pose with it summore.
But it was damn good la. Seriously.

Anyways, I saw this cake at 1u the other day. My god!!! Ain't it lovely. Like seriously. I didn't google it k? I seriously took it from a bakery.
Somebody get me a pretty cake like this for my 23rd birthday lah... I would love love love you so so so much.
Of course pretty is not enough la... I want the cake to be edible as well la...
Ok lah... gotta go...
Wanna go eat supper d. Hormones problem before period. That's why so easily hungry *excuse* HAhahahahaha~

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