Friday, January 9, 2009

LG Ice Cream is the shit!!!

Have you guys seen LG Ice Cream???

OMG!!!! Its freaking damn nice!!!

I wanna get it!!!

Anyone interested in my Samsung phone? I can sell you guys with some discount. No 50% coz its not a year since I bought it la.

Or else I can buy it and get myself a 016 number coz I have too many 016 user friends. :P

Comments, comments, comments. Tell me whether should I get it or not!!!

My much awaited birthday present!!!

Cute or not???

Not as big as my cousin's big ass Stitch but its from Sinren so I love it just the same.

I know I've complained about its size and that its not the one I wanted. I make a big fuss out of it...bla bla bla... But I wish you would understand how I felt.

I'm sorry for all the bad words yesterday.

Thanks anyways... I've never got a chance to say it properly.

I did like it...

p/s: See my hair in the last photo like damn long arh... :DDDDD

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