Friday, January 23, 2009

More eye candies...

Those who watches Ugly Betty might know Henry from Accountacy.

Don't you guys ever wonder who is this guy? I mean under those specs I bet Henry would be super good looking lor... Don't you guys think so?

So out of boredom, I googled "Henry from Ugly Betty" to find out who he is....yala yala, maybe some of you guys know already. I'm damn outdated mah...

And the results...

OMG!!! He is really damn good looking lor... Told you my "eye candy spoting" eyes are incredible. AHahahhahahahaahah~

Anyways, this cutie's name is Christopher Gorham.
Look at that smile. I think its the smile that melts me to jelly.
He has the same broad forehead like mine but how comes he looked so good without any fringe covering it while I need fringe my whole life???? Life is so unfair...
Well, I found out that other than Ugly Betty, Christopher also stars in this "star trek-ish" series called JAke 2.0.

Anybody heard about this?
Can tell me bout the storyline and maybe tell me where to download it...please please please, pretty please... :)
Oh another thing about Ugly Betty...
I love America Ferrera. I think she's gorgeous. Don't you guys think so?
I mean she is plump and everything but she carries herself so confidently. Will that ever happen to me? T____T
I guess that is true beauty lor... No matter how you look... its all about the confidence. I think confidence already kill half the fear of being looked down on. And I guess that is why those super gothic and some lala people dare to leave the house. I mean...don't they even look at the mirror? Sometimes they look so damn weird and scary lor.
I seriously look up to Ugly Betty lor... and that is why I love watching it. Coz she has that confidence that I am looking for. And I think that's the objective of the show. To let low-esteemed people to build confidence.
To those feeling they don't belong coz they looked ugly, cheers... coz I feel that way too. :) But one day we would find that confidence and I bet we would be the prettiest girls in our own rights.
Jiayou everyone....
p/s: Wah~~~~ I feel like a motivator pulak now. Hahahahahahaha~

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