Saturday, January 10, 2009

Of presents and food


I've come to a decision that instead of finding things to blog everyday, I would "collect" photos for a week and then blog sekali gus. Isn't that better?

Well, this is this post is about the first week of uni.

This week is basically about gifts and food. Why? Coz my friends had gone to many places during the hols and they brought back gifts!!! As for food, coz we ate outside for almost everyday this week. And we've been to new places...and also some old places lah... So gotta show you guys the food!!!

First, lemme show you guys the gifts...

This is from my room mate, Chooi Yin who went to Bali.

I guess she knew that I was really into the whole flower thingy. That or its cheap. HAahahhahaaha~ So bad I.

In case you guys didn't know what the hell is this, its a rubberband. -_-

Esther went to China to visit her dad who is working there. And this is the gift she got me.

She gave us a few options to choose from. And I, a big fan of pinky, took the pinky sock.

So girlish right?

I've never had any girlish socks in my life. Except for those Japanese school girls' knee length socks I wore to high school. Japanese wannabe mah... Hahahahaha~

I'm just worried if I'm ever gonna wear it coz i don't usually wear socks. Hehe~

But if I've gotten yeba's socks *link* (also from Esther), I would love to show it to the world. Hahahahaha~ ITs damn hilarious. But not my style. So sorry...

Esther also got me this yellow boy shorts. Hehe~

I was like OMG!!! Damn cute when I saw it. Its Spongebob for heaven's sake. Esther knows the best!!!

Spongey ol' Bob's damn cute right right right?

Not sure if I would dare to wear it. But then again who could see it right? Its inside what...

Janie got this from Korea.

Erm... actually I asked her to get this la... Coz my mother's friend went to Korea and got her this. But Sheene, my love, liked it a lot. And my mother's friend doesn't wanna give her one. So my mum wanted to give her hers but she's too shy to accept it. Then when I found out that Jane's going to Korea, I begged her to get me this so that I can give it to Sheene.

I don't know what you can put in this compartment. A few coins maybe?

Everyone in the house went somewhere overseas except me. T_____T I can't get them anything. T______T So damn sad. Maybe I should buy gula melaka for each of them huh?

Oh... I just remembered that Shiu Li didn't go anywhere as well. Hehe~

I forgot to blog about this coz I didn't blog about Splash Bash, Buvie and Peili's birthday bash last year.

Deepa printed this photo and bought this photo frame for each of us from the gang. This is like the only picture with the nine of us in the photo.

Picture taken 2007 with an ugly background so I edited the background and added a little sparks into the photo and sent Deeps the photo. Who knew she printed it out? :D

Its put on the special spot with my picture with darling.

Now all I need to put on that place is my church loves and my parent's photo. I miss them all....T___T

I met Sinren already so I don't miss him that much wtf. Hahahahaahha~


I said I didn't go for classes for the whole week right? On Monday, I woke up at 10.30am, my class ended at 11am. Hahahahahaha~

So the whole UT clan minus Jane went to Sg Wang with Li shan.

That's the day I bought the overpriced memory card and nothing else.

No interesting photos except this one I took in front of this shop that I didn't go in to shop.

This very "daring" woman didn't know underwear was meant for under.

You know even when she was standing the g-string could be seen.

Li shan and I was walking aimlessly outside a shop when we saw her. We were like tak tahan laughing like crazy there. Then she sat down right opposite us. So i ran over with my memory card loaded camera phone and took this photo of her. Hahahahhahahah~ Thank god she didn't realized it. Or else teruk wei.

Anyways, a lot of passerbys (is that the correct spelling?) was staring at her ass as well. Mostly men la.

Then there's this uncle who kept looking like he's doing some studying on her or something. Some more had to wear specs. Fucking hilarious.

Oh ya I did buy something else. Its for our housemates' presents exchanging thingy. I bought a pink hippo from Nici.

So at night we had our little presents exchanging thingy and I've got something that I like :) (Not that I hated everything else lah...)
The package of what I received was pink and its from MAggie T
I didn't know Maggie T changed its logo. It looked more mature don't you think so? The old logo was a bit too kiddo.
Anyways, here's what's inside the package...

A double hearts pendant with chain :)

Got tiny blings on the damn cute. Gonna wear it with something just as cute to measure up to its cuteness.
Anyways, as for the rest of them, Chooi Yin got my pink hippo and she calls it Berry; Esther got a very ladylike keychain, which is from Chooi Yin and Shiu Li got the makeup pouch and a packet of Famous Amos, which is from Esther. Hahahahahaha~ Super fun!!!
The next day, I did go for class but just for awhile coz our lecturer had to attend a meeting.
So after class, I went back home and then Li Shan, who didn't go to class, came to fetch me and we went to Midvalley together. Yay!!! First time for 2009! Haha~
Didn't take much photos as well coz she went to make some spectacles and buy a pair of Dunk Low from Nike while I shopped for my bro's birthday present.
But look at this pair of shoes man!!! Its damn fabulous and its in my size.
I tried it and it was like my Cinderella slippers. Fitted perfectly and looked super nice on me. Its like going to heaven and back the moment I wore these shoes.
But when I saw the price, I died. It costed RM300+. Well, its Topshop. What do you expect right?
Anybody loves me that much and would buy this pair of shoes for me? Or you could like share among 30 people to get it for my 23rd birthday. One person only RM10+. Hahahahaha~ Tak habis -habis with this tactic.
Then on Wednesday nothing much happened coz I didn't go to class and I didn't go out.
But at night Esther Shiu Li and I went to the A&W near Amcorp Mall to have supper. It was previously recommended by Chooi Yin. We went there to have root beer a day before.
it has been like about 10 years since I last had A&W waffles coz the only A&W in Melaka closed down. Damn sad right?
It was like damn good but I don't like that the waffle is too thick and the strawberry sauce is too sweet. Doesn't taste like strawberry at all. MAcam some sugary sauce that is red in colour.

The A&W Root Beer Float which is oh so good!!! No one serves better Root Beer like A&W. And no other drink can beat root beers to make floats.

Random photo of me camwhoring using the webcam while webcamming with Parveen. Hahahahahahah~
She was all "omg-ing" when she saw me doing it. Eleh~~~ like she doesn't do it :P
Next day I went for all classes :D
All from 8am till 1pm...are you proud of me Puffy? Hahahaahahahha~
Finally meeting up with all my close peeps in uni. DAmn happy. ERm... nobody changed unlike last semester. Everyone came back with something different.
After class, we went Midvalley again. Second time for this week. But not doing much la. Went to have lunch and get Lishan's specs and also get my bro's present. Yala... I didn't get it the first time. Damn fussy punye pasal.
We went to Seed's Cafe after contemplating between Pasta Zanmai, Zen and Seed's Cafe. We had to cater to JAne ;P

Li shan and her super cool new specs from Optical 88.
Actually its not new la. She just added lenses to the specs. The specs is some ciplak plastic frame specs you see in Sg Wang. She just wanted some cool specs that could aid her sight.

I call these three photos, THEM WITH SHOCKING LOOKS AND FOOD. wtf. Damn No connections. haahahahahahahah~
Have you guys been to Seed Cafe? Well, their tables are layered with this big piece of white mahjong paper-ish sorta paper. So out of boredom, my dear mates started to vandalize the white paper.

Look at what they drew. Is that me arh? Hahahahahah~
I was quite embrassed. Don't know why. I mean I'm not new to vandalizing. Half the walls of my high school had my signatures on them. I even drew stuff that are damn big on the wall that was next to my seat. Damn obvious that I did them. But now I felt embarassed with my friends. That pretty weird right? Maybe that place was too public la. That's why I shy.

They even scribbled our nicknames on the paper.
BTW, its Janie not Jeanie...yeba kept getting it wrongly. And my name is Dookie...not Dorky!!!! I'm no where near dorky..excuse me!!!
Bless the good lord coz before they filled the table with more stuff and embarassements, our food came. XD
Janie ordered this and I seriously regretted that I did not order this coz its damn freaking good. It tasted like the prawn mee that I loved in MElaka. Reminded me of home. T____T
Definitely gonna eat this the next time I'm at Seed's cafe.

Came with prawn mee.
So colourful right? So nice that I was tempted to bring this home. Coz I like the design f it. Hahahahaha~ But I think its sold in IKEA. So I can buy this there la...

Li shan ordered this after much consideration.
The problem with Seed's cafe is that we don't know what to eat everytime we're there. Not that they have lots of choices. MAtter of fact, they had to little choices. But I have no idea why we always had problems deciding what to eat.
And when you order pasta of any kind. Another problem arise coz you have to choose either spaghetti, fetuccini or penne. Offer one type senang la... So many choices will headache one leh...
Anyways, Li shan's pasta was good as well. But I kinda forget the taste of it so I can't review it properly.
This is what I order.
Everyone who is close to me should know that I love sour stuff. And that is why I ordered this.
This is good. The ingredients are fresh and there was so many prawns, sotong and fish. But I have no idea why it was damn freaking sour. As in very very sour you know. I can't even finish it.
If it was balanced between spicy and sour I would love it.
We ate half way then we suddenly realized that all our food was red. Hahah~ Even the drink we had, Carrot milk, had red shades. Its a "red"-dy meal..

After lunch, we went into Seed to look at clothes. I saw this very nice yellow banana top which I was thinking to buy for yuyu, the brother. Top as in polo tee la... I wanted to get him a shirt but all the cheap places to get shirts are all those places that he shops at. So half the shirts at those shops he already had them.
It seems like he has very little polo tee. So I decided to get him one la.
But I couldn't find the nicest white polo tee (coz he wants white top) so I bought a yellow banana (inside joke) one.

I was trying to immitate the mannequin but Li Shan did not take my whole body so it was not obvious.
Freaking funny ok? but we damn scared to let the workers to see us. Wait we kena ban from the shop then teruk lor.
Went home after getting the present. But after a few hours of rest. Esther and Shiu Li asked me to join them to go shop at 1U and off we went.
We met up with Chooi Yin and her sis to eat dinner.

Went to this place which sells waffles and pancakes.

Chooi yin didn't allow me to take photos of her. Wakakakakakak~ Too bad... I took :P But I respected your request for not taking ugly photos. I took this which barely show your face.
oh, that's Chooiyin's sister...erm the side of her face that is.

I was told that without makeup I must pose without my mouth. Don't know why. Does this means that my mouth is hideous?
I like this pic. And my watch looked damn nice also. Heeheheheheheh~ Now I can throw away the idea of getting a new watch.

We ordered this drink coz its cheap and who knew it tasted damn good.
Oh that's Esther's thumb. Her thumb was infected with something. Damn gross lor. Got nanah and bengkak until the size of your toe's thumb. But its damn hilarious at the same time. Coz it looked like some mummy on her hand. Hahahahahaha~

This strawberry pancake is fabulous. It was way way way... better than the waffle we had in A&W. The thickness of the pancake was just right and the ice cream!!! Just look at it. So big ok?

and inside the pancake, the fillings was so so damn a lot. Filled with straberries and almonds. Its like oozing out. I'm not kidding ok?
Every piece of the pancake you cut out has at least a small piece of strawberry and lots of almond crisps. The moment you put it in your mouth its like sweet and super crispy at the same time. The sweetness is not some fake strawberry sauce sweet. The real strawberry sweetness. All I can say is yum yum yum...

Chooi yin ordered this. It was just as good as our strawberry pancakes. The coffee taste was all over the pancakes but not too overwhelming. But I'm not a big fan of coffee-ey stuff so I didn't had a lot of it.
Not big fan of coffee but a big fan of Starbuck coffee-ish drinks. Call me weird. :P

Damn super creamy. OMG!!! I love it a lot a lot. And the chicken ham was perfectly smoked.
The food here are all seriously damn good. Please come and visit here when you're at 1U. Sorry I can't tell you the directions coz I'm not good with them as you can see. Hehe~ So go to the directory and search for something with Waffles World.

After having the first three things on the table we were all basically stuffed but there was more to come.

I seriously forgot what are these called. Something with sandwich inside the name. Its actually a sandwich but instead of bread they used waffles. So good. Trust me. The waffles was not even thick. I think those people at A&W need a change!!!

The last which came. Wass too stuffed to remember the name of it. Hahahahahahaha~
Didn't try the rice but the chicken and mushroom was damn good.
Waffles World is definitely a must visit the next time I'm at 1U no matter what. The food are heaven made and worth every cent. Thumbs up at all the chef at Waffles World.
Anyways, I didn't buy anything coz everything I tried at FOS was too tight at the bottom part (my ass lah...) and this dress I tried in some boutique was not in my budget. So sad coz its very very nice. I saw the same one in Sg Wang. Will go check out the price soon.
But I went to this shop called Mini Toons and I saw so many Stitch stuff. I was about to go crazy at the moment. Thank god my friends was there to stop me.
I end up only buying a cup with cover there.

K lah... I gotta go.
Actually wanna tell you guys about the courses I took but a bit too tired to do anything.
Will update about that in the next post la.
Before I leave, here's the comparison of Esther's thumb and mine.
Hahahhahahahahaha~ I can't stop laughing at her thumb. At the same time the look at it makes me wanna puke. Hahahahahahaha~
But girl, get well soon and please eat your meds. :P

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