Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Straighten it all out

This is to answer Clair's question in my tagbox...

No, dear, I do not have straight hair. I straighten my hair almost every half a year. My original hair is a disastrous curliness. I loved my curly hair but its too hard to take care of so I straighten it since 2007. Probably let it be curly again once I had the time to maintain it.

Lately I just straighten my hair. That's why it looked so straight.

Not much difference actually but I think it looks better right?
The curls are coming out at the bottom so I had to straighten it. If I don't when I tie my hair, those curls become visible and extremely ugly. Believe me.
I didn't realized that my hair had grow over my shoulders until I straighten them. Woots!!!! Long long hair here I come...
You know I paid rm90 for straightening my hair. Gosh! I've never paid so much for one thing on my hair. Usually I do a few things to it and sometimes it doesn't even hit RM80. Isk isk isk~~~~ damn sad. But since it came out nice...never mind la...
I haven't been going to classes officially. HEhe~ LAzy bug still not gotten rid off.
Will update about uni soon...when I got over my homesick. Don't know why its so overwhelming this time.
I miss everyone back home like too much...
K lah... gotta go help out in the kitchen.

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