Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sylar...my love

Currently your royal prinsezz is watching Heroes Season 3. Woots!!!

And guess who caught my attention????

Look at the smile man...who wouldn't fall in love with Zachary Quinto???

So man....but yet had that little hint of boyish-ness. Get what I mean...

Sorry Sinren but you now share the top spot with Zachary :P

For those who didn't watch Heroes, Zachary Quinto acts as the villain. The ultimate one. The one whom makes me shiver whenever you appears. Yes, he is that scary.

But I could not resist that eyes whenever he's ripping people's head apart. Its like so so so good looking.

I think I just melt looking at this picture. Hahahahahahahah ~

One more look of him before I go off...

So so so super good looking right?

*muaks muaks muaks*


I have no photos to post up so gotta do some posts like that to entertain you guys. Coz I don't want my hit counter to drop. :P

p/s: Paulie reads my blog. Thank god I didn't tell that joke or he's gonna kill me :P

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