Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things I've done in 2008

Hello hello~

Its time again...

Time to reveal what I did for the whole year just like what I did last year. *click*

Let's see what I did January till December 2008~~~

  • Ponteng uni for a week -and was punished to perform in Forum for an extra time (usually they only perform twice per semester. I had to play three times) Zzz~ But guess what? I did it again this year. Waakakakakakak~
  • 8 Jan Bought a hair curler -which I hardly use now :P
  • 10 Jan Went to my first stock clearance sale at Jaya
  • 12 Jan Went to Pavillion for the first time -no pictures taken. how weird
  • 13 Jan Went to visit Popo at Cheras, she bought me a pair of 24K Gold Earrings for my 21st birthday *heart*
  • 14 Jan Celebrated Jane's birthday in Neway Karaoke -didn't blog about it coz my laptop was spoiled that time


  • 1 Feb Sent my Acer laptop for repair
  • Lost my ring *click* -I love the ring with all my life k? But i found it lah... :P
  • 6 Feb Family Reunion Dinner in Melaka for the first time :) *click*
  • 7 Feb Went back to Johor Bahru for CHinese New YEar -last time meeting with Grandpa Pang T____T
  • 8 Feb The Gang's CNY visiting to my house and NAna's house *click*
  • 9 Feb Wongs' CNY Family Reunion -see the link above
  • 10 Feb Sleepless and Alone in MC coz of an iced latte at Swenson's -see the link above
  • 13 Feb Dinner at Li Shan's home *click*
  • 14 Feb Valentine's Day at Sunway Pyramid -Sinren bought my favourite flower for the first time *kiss* *click*
  • 15 Feb Had a date with Sinren to get my Valentine's present *click*
  • 15 Feb CNY visiting to Pastor Lau's house
  • 23 Feb BBQ at Esther's church
  • 27 Feb Grandpa Pang passed away T_____T *click*
  • 27 Feb Esther and Shiu Li's birthday Celebration at Cineleisure *click*
  • 29 Feb Grandpa Pang's funeral T_____T
  • 29 Feb Realised that I signed up for the wrong course -how stupid!!!
  • 7 Mar Showcase's audition -played super badly for Muzik Melayu Asli
  • 11 Mar Met up with Vivian at Sungei Wang
  • Went crazy at the arcade *click*
  • Cut my hair damn short *click* -it made me so not feminine looking :S
  • 14 Mar Met up with Vivian again at Midvalley *click*
  • 14 Mar Took at photo at the Elizabeth Booth -thanks Esther!!! See link above
  • 19 Mar Bought a present for Sinren for our 3rd anniversary -bought it earlier coz it was on sales
  • 19 Mar Music Showcase 2007/2008 Sem 2 *rehearsal Day 1* *rehearsal Day 2* *The day itself*
  • Went to Zang Toi's 57th Street Cafe for the first time *click*
  • 22 Mar Got diarrhoea
  • 23 Mar Became too sick that I could not get up to go to church
  • 25 Mar Super sick because I had diarrhoea and gastric at the same time -i was super hungry but I couldn't eat coz when I eat I shit it all out. T____T


  • Watched Beautiful Boxer *click* -change my prespective on tranvestites
  • 3 Apr Fought with Sinren because he doesn't wanna watch a movie with me -yes, i'm pretty stupid
  • 4 Apr Watched L: Change The World with Sinren *click*
  • 5 Apr Fought with Sinren again -we fought a lot this month
  • 6 Apr Went to Glad Tidings to observe their Praise and Worship -but was too late and they ended already
  • 6 Apr Senior's Graduation Recital *click*
  • 8 Apr Settled stupid wrong course stuff at SKR
  • 8 Apr Spoiled Uncle Daniel's laptop :( -I am so sorry
  • 12 Apr Bought a new laptop at PC Fair *click*
  • 18 Apr Composed "New Man" for Karya & Gubahan class and the presentation *click*
  • 20 Apr Worked for Trinity awards' concert


  • 1 May Blog's 1st Birthday *click*
  • 5 May Started staying over at Li Shan's because of all the presentations
  • 7 May YY and Yiing Siing's birthday celebration *click*
  • 8 May Sing K session with Li Shan *click*
  • 10 May Went to Steven's Corner for the first time -the food was really damn good!!!
  • 13 May Crazy shopping with Li Shan at Sungei Wang *click*
  • 15 May Period pain in Midvalley *click*
  • 16 May Pizza with Coursemates and last day of 4th Semester :)
  • 16 May Join fellowship with Puchong Logos -met up with Pee Sheng
  • 17-19 May Family Camp at MBS Rawang *click*
  • 24 May Met up with Jacy, Alex and Paul to catch Prince Caspian
  • 24 May Gathering with the gang at Friend's Cafe *click*
  • 28 May Karaoke with The Gang at Go Go KAraoke *click*


  • 4 Jun Caught in the stupidest jam in Melaka and dinner with Jacy, Alex and Paul at McD *click*
  • MAde a funny video for Li Shan's birthday *click*
  • Got so pissed coz of some stupid auntie *click*
  • Some cats came to my house :D -but they're gone now so sad. Link above
  • 7 Jun Watched Kungfu Panda with Mama at MBO *click*
  • 8 Jun Popo's birthday celebration *click*
  • 12 Jun Sinren was robbed *click*
  • 15 Jun Fathers' Day dinner at Portuguese Settlement *click*
  • 15 Jun Parents' Day celebration at church -See link above
  • 17 Jun Straighten and highlighted red *click* -damn nice!!!
  • 18 Jun Got my invitation to Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging but couldn't attend :(
  • 19 Jun Had dinner with Fern and Alex at Amigo
  • 20 Jun Met up with Junie *click* -I had not seen her since lower six
  • 21 Jun Moved into UT *click*
  • 25 Jun Made cupcakes for the first time for Dad's birthday -first time learning to bake was damn fun!!! *click*
  • 28 Jun Movie Mania *click* -watched two movies in a day


  • Went out with The Gang to watch free movies and first time to Le Garden *click*
  • 5 July Last gathering with The Gang at my house *click*
  • Got a cute Stitch Umbrella from Hong Kong Disneyland -thanks to Su Pheen for the lovely gift :) *click*
  • 7 July Uni reopens
  • 10 July First time introduced to ballroom dancing
  • Romantic afternoon with Sinren and he sang a love song for me *click*
  • Did a crazy video with my housemates for Mel *click*
  • Shoe shopping with Li Shan *click*
  • 15 July Melmel's 22nd birthday celebration at Midvalley and some public lecture *click*
  • 20 July Celebrated Christine's 22nd at uncle PAul's house *click*
  • 21 July Watched The Dark Knight with family -Link is above
  • 26 July Sinren bought me something special for our 3rd anniversary :D *click*
  • 31 July SJ Nite 2008/2009 *click*
  • 31 July First time clubbing at Scarlet -link is above


  • 1 Aug First time hosting Youth Fellowship in KL
  • 2 Aug World Drums Festival *click*
  • 7 Aug Fought with Sinren again
  • 9-10 Aug Mum and dad came to visit me in KL and we went to Logo's 45th Anniversary together :) *click* -and I camwhored with the god of all brands
  • 10 Aug Met up with Vivian again in Midvalley -she came KL for two times this year
  • 13 Aug College Night at Scarlet *click*
  • 15 Aug Fought with Sinren again and nearly broke up T____T
  • 17 Aug Sinren bought me three big lilies *click*
  • 18 Aug Thesis proposal presentation
  • 22 Aug Started Christmas Carol practice
  • Realized that my neighbour's wireless was not protected with password and started using it till now :P
  • 23 Aug Went for 8tv's concert at MITC *click*
  • 26 Aug Out shopping with The KL Gang *click*
  • 27 Aug A crazy night because of a certain crazy person *click*
  • 29 Aug Interviewed at Julliard but didn't get the job
  • 29 Aug Met up with Pastor Phang who is back from Taiwan


  • 2 Sept Sing K with Li Shan and stayed over at her place
  • 14 Sept Youth Sunday at GPMelaka
  • 16 Sept Our 3rd year anniversary together *click*
  • 20 Sept Went to Pyramid with Sinren and took some damn cool neoprints *click*
  • 20 Sept Saw Sinren cry for the first time
  • 22 Sept Stupid Chinese Appreciation Chinese Folksong presentation
  • 24 Sept Became sick because was drenched in the rain
  • 25 Sept Chooi Yin's birthday surprise *click*
  • 25 Sept Moved Auntie Michelle's clavinova to UT *click*
  • Sinren's got a new haircut :) *click*
  • Started watching Heroes *click*


  • 2 Oct Hari Raya visiting with The Gang *click*
  • Show everyone how I changed through different stages of my life *click* -it was a big hit man!!!
  • 4 Oct Yinqi's concert at Pay Fong *click*
  • 13 Oct Somebody asked Jack to ask me to be friends again *click* -which I think was quite lame Zzz~
  • Li Shan bought a whole lot of stuff from Bangkok for me :D *click* -of course I paid for them la...
  • 16 Oct Tried chatting with that somebody after so long but found out that it wasn't such a good idea after all
  • Found out that my mum is a big camwhore like me HAhahahahaha~ *click*
  • 17 Oct Music showcase 2008/2009 Sem 1 and Sg Wang Outing with uni friends *click*
  • 17 Oct Tried manicure for the first time -view link above
  • 27 Oct Deepavali visiting with The Gang *click*


  • 2 Nov Got diarrhoea because of the spoiled goat's milk
  • 3-10 Nov Finals
  • 3 Nov Hit my toe on the rock outside Jaya 33 *click*
  • 4 Nov Celebrated freedom after my last written paper *click*
  • 8 Nov Visit Anu's dad at General Hospital coz heard that he was unconscious
  • 10 Nov Became very sick -had diarrhoea and vomitted like crazy
  • 12 Nov Anu's dad passed away
  • Received my first birthday present from my housemates *heart* *click*
  • 15 Nov Straighten bangs and top of the head *click*
  • 15 Nov Mum went to KL because Grandpa Wong's sickness was quite critical
  • 15 Nov Gathering with The Gang and bitched about my best friend on the blog -yes, i was being a bitch at that time...I admit
  • 16 Nov Su Pheen's birthday celebration at church
  • 18 Nov GPMelaka's 40th anniversary at LTP *click*
  • 22 Nov Went back to Kl to pass up Music Comp's a8ssignment Zzz~~~~ -freaking stupid!!!
  • 24 Nov Nearly ruined my 7 year friendship with my best friend because of the stupid post I did *click*
  • 28 Nov Yew Hong Jen's Golden Harmonica Solos *click*
  • 29-30 Nov Back to Johor to visit Grandpa Pang's grave *click*


  • 6 Dec First carolling at Tesco Melaka *click*
  • 8 Dec Celebrated my early birthday with Sinren at Taro *click*
  • 9 Dec Dinner with family *click*
  • 10 Dec Made brownies for the first time for Mama *click*
  • 11 Dec My birthday celebration, Flower Power at Le Garden, D. Pahlawan *click*
  • 12 Dec Don't know what happened but my tummy got super bloated
  • 13 Dec Didn't go to Kakiis Nite Out because the old Chinaman in my house :P *click*
  • 16 Dec Went to watch Bolt with The Gang and ended up late for rehearsals :P
  • 16 Dec Sorethroat and started to get sick
  • 18 Dec Christmas shopping and decided to do a contest for my readers *click*
  • 19 Dec Carolling at Dataran Pahlawan *click* -thanks to those who came *kiss kiss*
  • 20 Dec Carolling at Mahkota Parade -see link above
  • 21 Dec Carolling at MP and Tesco -too sick to sing so I only played the violin. See link above
  • 21 Dec Sunday School's Christmas celebration
  • 23 Dec Splash Bash at Pantai Kundur
  • 24 DEc Christmas Eve celebration at LTP
  • 24 Dec Christmas Countdown at Wings Cafe
  • 25 Dec Boring Christmas
  • 26 Dec Boring Tepanyaki Birthday Celebration Oct/Nov/Dec at Youth Fellowship
  • 29 Dec Straighten my hair for RM100
  • 31 Dec GRandpa Wong passed away *click*
  • 31 Dec Debut for our Youth Praise and Worship Band -we rocked the church's countdown event :D

Well, that's what I did for the whole year during 2008.

Looking forward to a new wonderful year 2009.

Will update soon coz I'm pretty busy recently. Catch you guys soon.

Happy new year 2009!!!

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