Sunday, January 11, 2009


Guess who is coming to KL tomorrow???

My sampat brother, Paulie Mok!!!

He's coming to do some shopping. Tak sangke guys also like to shop in KL arh...

Can't wait can't wait. I'm damn happy somebody from home is visiting. Especially such a big piece of home that is coming. Erm... Ignore that and Puff shut up!!!

You know we were both so excited that both our MSN's pm was about him coming here.




I know its nothing much that he is coming but at least in the midst of all these sad things that happening since the beginning of the year, I have a crazy person from home to share it with.

Hopefully I would laugh like crazy like how I always did back home tomorrow. I know it annoys him but hahahahahahahahahha~ who cares. Hehe~

Can't wait for tomorrow...

Sigh~ no new clothes for CNY this year. Sienz...

Bye lah....

Back to emo self again...

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