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Hello hello~

The weekend just ended and I'm missing it so much.

How was your weekend darlings?

And most importantly how was your Valentine's day???

Well, here's my version of the 14th February...

Got ready to go out and waiting for something I forgot what...hahahaah~ Like seriously lor...

What I wore...

Tank top (worn inside): Damsel-FOS

Outer top: Korea...i think

Jeans (cannot be seen): Miss Sixty-FOS

Nerd specs (wtf): Solviet Titus

Bearbrick necklace: Jonker Street

Bag: Victoria's Secret :)

Will tell you guys the story about the Victoria's Secret bag soon. Its not a Valentine's Day present from Sinren. Someone else special. :)

What he wore... haha~ trying to kacau him nie. Look at his sial face!!!

Top: Forgot from where but given by his uncle

Army pants: Romp

Nerdy specs: I forgot the brand's name...
After getting ready, we went to the cafeteria at UT (University Tower...for those who didn't know) coz we don't know what to eat at Midvalley.

Sorry for the messy fringe. This is the sign of the need of getting it straighten soon.
Oh I love my new spectacles! Its no more slanted to a side like the old one. I should be more careful coz the specs is like super fragile. I don't know why I pay so much for something so fragile.
We went to get my Valentine's present :) after comparing prices from both Gardens and Midvalley. HAha~ We're cheap like that.
Then we went to Jusco to get the groceries and stuff for our dinner that night.
No pictures of us getting the food coz we don't want to be called weird. Haha~

The queue was damn long ok? I thought Valentine's Day everybody would be celebrating else where or at their bf's/gf's house or something. But the supermarket is like filled with so many people.

Our stuff
Some were my groceries and some of his. Too bad we couldn't get too much things coz my fridge had some restrictions. Stupid doctor (my housemate) bought so much things and didn't even use any of it. Waiting for those stuff to rot. Damn angry with her. Seriously got the urge to take her stuff and cook it.

While waiting for the taxi
We bought so many things that we couldn't take the bus back and it was already raining so we took the taxi.
Even the taxi queue was damn long so we took time camwhoring. Haha~
Reached home and then I told Sinren that I will go get the food ready. And the pig immediately slept off.

Ok now I will show what I cooked and the ways to cook it. Obviously all the dishes were not created by me. All taken from various sites and cookbooks.
First, I made Mozzarella Cheese sticks.
The ingredients are...

Mozarella cheese sliced into strips of how big you like
I didn't know mozzarella tasted so bitter when you eat them by block. Yuck! Sinren was like "Yer...not nice one. You sure after cooking it would taste better?". I was like damn worried lor. What if it turned out like shit. T____T

Whole egg

I'm not sure if you should beat up the egg or not. But I beaten it up coz that's what my mother taught me.

Bread crumbs
You could use seasoned bread crumbs if you like...

Deep the cheese into the egg

Then into the bread crumbs
Repeat this for two times for each strip of cheese.

It'll look like this after all the egg and bread crumbs
Then you season it, if you did not use seasoned bread crumbs, with salt and black pepper.
Fry each sides for 4 minutes then serve it hot.

This is how it looks like after frying :)
Will tell you how each dish taste later. All the dishes I made was never tried before so I, myself, was pretty much anticipating the dinner.
Next up is chawanmushi, which had no connection with our Western themed dinner. But I wanted to make it so its in the menu wtf.

Bring water to boil

Add in the bonito flakes and turn to low heat and boil for 15 minutes
Supposed to put in kombu/kelp but didn't get any.

Strain the stock and throw the rest away
The stock left is called ichiban-dashi.

Get the eggs ready and beat them slowly so that there's no bubbles
Actually its damn difficult not to get bubbles. So beat them really slowly. Like just stirring them.
Then add the ichiban-dashi, sugar and light soy sauce. Stir for a bit and strain.

These are the ingredients to put in the egg mixture
There are other variety to the ingredients. If you guys are interested, please ask me. :)

Put the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl (or cup, which is more ideal) and then pour the egg mixture in

Then steam the bowl in high heat for about 20 minutes.

This is how it looks like once its done :)
Up next is mashpotatoes dookie style...its called like that coz I simply smash up the potatoes and simply add some extra ingredients to it one day and it tasted good. And it made me love cooking after that.
So lame but true...

Peel the potatoes

Boil the potatoes till the potatoes are soft
How do you know its soft you asked? Just poke a chopstick into the potato. If it could poke through then its soft.

Smash the potatoes then add in milk and salt
Back at home I would add cream cheese or cheese spread but did not get it this time. It tasted better with the cheese.
The mashpotatoes are for the main course's side dish and the next up's boil broccoli serves the same purpose.

Simple nie lah... Just boil the broccoli and that's all. NOt much explaination needed.
Next is mushroom soup.

Simple also right? Who doesn't know how to cook Campbell's? Even my small little cousin who is like Standard 3 knows...

Took time to camwhore coz the cooking is almost done :)

The last to cook is the main course which is the most difficult one coz even my mother had not cooked it ever. And the main course is... black pepper beef steak.
My mother was like super ganjeong when I told her I was going to make black pepper beef steak. She called like every hour to check if my beef steak jadi or not. Hahahahaha~

Australian Beef Steak from Jusco

He finally woke up and help out

Pounded and seasoned with black pepper and salt by him

ME frying the beef steaks

Your blogger, the amateur cook :)

The ending outcome with the side dishes
Then our dinner started. We planned to get dressed and everything but after cooking we were assed tired so didn't. Haha~
We followed the typical Western-style dinner with each dish served one by one according to the sequence.
First was the appetizer, which was the Mozzarella Cheese sticks.

It was damn good. The outside was crispy. Erm... it was quite cold already when we ate 'em so its not as crispy as it was when it was hot I guess. And the inside was creamy and you could pull strings like how you could with pizzas just for fun. Haha~
Sinren changed his mind about mozzarella cheese after trying it. It was not bitter after cooking it after all. :)
Up next was the mushroom soup.
Nothing to talk about the soup lah... Who had not tried Campbell's mushroom soup right?

I realised that I did not let my hair down during the dinner. And I looked so aunty with it tied up. I was supposed to look pretty for Valentine's day. Right??? Hehe~

Much better when I let my hair down right???
Next up is the main course, the much anticipated Black pepper beef steak.

The steak was a bit too hard. Like super hard. If it was slightly more tender then would be nice.
The Life's Black Pepper sauce is really damn hot. I cannot take it. Had to brush off quite a lot of my sauce.
But it was nice lah...
DAmn proud of myself. Haha~
Last our weird dessert, Chawanmushi.

It was a bit overcooked. The egg was too hard. Apart from that, it was delicious.
And our dinner ended with Sinren doing the dishes as usual. Wakakakakakaka~
Then we had our gift exchanging time...

It was quite a thrill coz I already knew that he was getting me what I wanted but he had not idea what I got him coz I went to get it secretly.
But I think he got a hint coz I'm stupid just like that. Haha~
My gift was not wrapped because we forgot to get to the gift wrapping counter.

You could see that he's very happy of his gift right?
Haha~ So kelakar his face.
I don't know if he could fit the shirt and the moron doesn't wanna try it. I don't care. If it doesn't fit him, he had to loose weight then. :p

My big head Stitchie which I love love love to bits...
He currently shares the bed with me and always ends up under my ketiak. Haha~

One more photo of him coz I love him so much
Well and that's the end of my wonderful Valentine's Day :)
Eventhough I was dead tired because I had to cook everything but it was worth it. Both of us had a good time and a wonderful dinner with great company.
Recently a bible verse kept popping out to me like an irritating pimple (weird
Wives, be under the authority of your husbands. This is the right thing to do in the Lord. (Colossians 3:18)
Being the only child in the family makes me a bit over-controlling at times. And I tend to make all the decision in our relationship. And most of the time I tend ot order him to do somethings and don't care whether he likes it or not.
So I think its a big lesson for me to learn to follow the verse and it takes time coz I've been bossy all my life. But I'm not afraid to take time to learn something new.
And as for him, Sinren Liow, he also had a bible verse that he must practice which comes right after the one above...
Husbands, love your wives, and be gentle to them (Colossians 3:19)
Haha~ the bible is like so great right? It doesn't take sides. There's lesson for everyone to learn.
K lah... Gotta go...
Gotta go work hard on that thesis or else its bubbye to graduation.
See you guys soon...
Oh ya...
Bubbye everyone...

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