Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1st day of CNY


I'm back with photos :))))

Too many photos so I had to split each day of CNY for one post.

Hope you guys could bare with it and wait for all the photos :)

Oh... I imported my blog to Facebook. So you guys could actually read my blog from there. But erm... please come and read from here la coz if you guys don't come my hits will go down. Hahahahahaha~

Ok now for first day of CNY...

Unlike last year's CNY, we did not return to JB for the first day coz grandpa Pang is no more around. T_____T But it was fresh to spend 1st day of CNY in Melaka coz I've been living there for 15 years and its actually the first time that I spent it there.

Went to church early in the morning. So excited coz didn't do this for so many years. Every one was puzzled to see me on the first day of CNY as well. Kept asking me why am I still in Melaka. Hahahahahaha~

Top: RM24 shop at Sg Wang
Tube: (Worn inside) Dug out of mum's closet. Hurhur~
Pants: Jeans from Giordano
Hairband: Diva *heart*

After church, I helped prepare stuff at home coz my friends are coming over for visiting. The gang had set the first day as our visiting this year.

Those who came to moi house

Obligatory group photo before leaving each house
Deeps looked super CNY compared to the rest of the chinese. Hehe ^///^

Left my house and went to the next house.
Brought my cousins along coz my uncle asked me to. And also coz I kesian that they stayed at home for so many days. Manatau its the worst decision. :(

Bully my dearest while he drived. Lol....
But don't you think he looked so cute with the hairband. Hehe~

2nd house was Lizzie's house. She didn't join us coz she had to help out at home.

Eh~ i think Buvie looks good without specs lah. What says you?
Ann pulak macam bodoh. Haha~

Being mak nenek again...wakakakka~

Hehe~ Baby baby love *smooch*

Lizzie fizzie and I

Darshie came to Lizzie's house so we took the group with her in it.

Next is Ann's house which is a new house that I've never been to. :)

Not much photos of other stuff coz we were buzy whacking food. Hehe~ If you realized I was holding a chicken wing in my hand. Too good d that's why. :)
After that we went up to Ann's room to camwhore hahahahhahaa~ the lighting was too beautiful not to camwhore.

Puffin and I

Ann came and kepoh :P

My girls :)

I felt so un-CNY-ish beside her

Swear gonna buy a cheongsam for CNY next year!!!

Kissy bubu...

Buvie, we got the same nickname lah... but mine spelled as booboo. Hehe~

Buvie and the very ugly windblown center parting me...

What's left of me, Buvie and Deepa

Chose this photo to post coz Deepa looked oh-so-gorgeous. ;)

Umie and I

Crazy partner in crime in Form 2...the good 'ol days. Hehe~

We wanted to take photos together but no cameraman to help so we took photos using the almighty timer *jeng jeng jeng jeng*

I nearly tak sempat so I jumped and landed on Buvie's legs

OMG! I'm so cute!!!!


Woops! Wanted to shoot Bu but blocked Puff. Lalalalala~

Now I didn't block Puff :)

CAnnot see my face T_T

Love the Stitch carpet on Ann's floor so had to camwhore with it. Hahahahahaha~

So tempted to steal it home. :P

Your biceps are huge...kiss me!

Hahha~ Those who watched House Bunny would understand.

Orang "melayu" in the gang wtf camwhoring on the lovely Stitch carpet

Its funny that now that Ann and I got fairer, less people mistaken us for Malays. And its not that fun anymore. Coz nobody gossips about us in Mandarin in front of thinking that we might not understand. Haha~

After Ann's house, I went over to neney's house for the usual CNY dinner but this year was super angry coz my damn cousins was being all bratty and I regretted bringing them out. Shouldn't have kesian them and throw them at home. Spoiled my lovely dinner with my "future family" (So not shy...hahahaah~).

Then ended the day with stuffing myself with more food back at home.

That's my first day.

Will continue tomorrow with the second day of CNY.

Keep posted :)

Leave comments ya.


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