Saturday, February 7, 2009

The 25

Here are 25 things random about myself...

  1. I like to smell everything that is handled to me. Anything from clothes to food to human beings.
  2. I used to be head over heels with a guy younger than me. I dedicated a whole blog just for him. Writing everything from days I met him, what I dreamt about him to all the messages he sent me. But I deleted the blog after I don't like him anymore. Oh ya! I even wrote a song for him. Hehe~ *Don't jealous ya Liow Sinren. you know how I was in love with him. But not anymore*
  3. I sleep facing the right side.
  4. I can sleep without something to hug but I can't sleep without my blanket.
  5. I am actually very introvert. I get very nervous at places filled with too many ie. shopping centers. Unbelieveable? Believe it.
  6. I must rub my face with either a pillow or blanket before sleeping.
  7. I have very few guy friends because I'm introvert and the few guy friends I had are guys I grew up with in church.
  8. I love animals but not insects.
  9. I think I'm addicted to milo ais and Sprite.
  10. Everyone in my dad's family has big asses and everyone from my mother's family are cry babies. I got both of that from them. :P
  11. I dream is to rare a pig as my family pet.
  12. I love to eat/drink sour stuff.
  13. I hate being called "ah moi".
  14. My parents call me "ah non" which means baby in some teochew slang and little one in fuchow.
  15. I just hit 50kg. Woots!!!
  16. My bf and I had never spoken to each other in real life before we became a couple.
  17. I cried at the end of Lilo and Stitch because what Stitch said was super meaningful.
  18. I get rashes when I drink any type of alchohol except for Heineken.
  19. I held hands with a jerk that I didn't like for one whole night coz I thought that he liked me. He treated me like a tool after that night.
  20. I didn't wash my face for almost a week during the year end break last year. :D
  21. The only body parts that I love about myself are my eyes.
  22. My hair is originally curly.
  23. I used to lie a lot to look cool so that I get more friends. T______T I was not popular and no one wanted to be my friends.
  24. I can roll my tongue.
  25. I once cried like a baby going into Haunted Adventure at Genting with all the younger kids staring at me.

Hahahahahahaha~ I thought it was damn difficult to write down 25 things but I managed. Woots!!!!


Yvonne said...


17. -> haha i cried too! T.T

23. -> u don't need to be popular to have friends, i'll be ur friend! :)

prinz @ prinsezz said...


Thanks yvonnie :)


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