Sunday, February 8, 2009

The 2nd day of CNY

Hello peeps~

I'm back in Kl and time for some updates. :)

On the second day I was supposed to go back to Johor for family visiting but I had period pain. So daddy make some changes.

After I got better by the evening, I went over to Peili's house with the gang for a visiting which I was about to miss if i went to JB.

Those who went for the visit

Darshie and Karyn also came but not so close to them so didn't take any photos of them.

Having someone to help taking the photos, Ann and I took the advantage. Hahah~

Wow~ I really look best in blur pics. Don't you guys think so?

Group photos

After Anu arrived, we went over to Jetty to have dinner and some crazy fun.

Jetty was kinda cold so I need to protect my ears. Like seriously!!!

My ears get red and itchy when its too cold. Please tell me I'm not weird.

Seems like I'm not the onlyone with cold ears

I think she's born with the mak nenek genes. Haha~

Masked rider...haha~

Pretty Ann

Not so pretty Ann...haha~

I asked her to make a face and it turned out so scary...yer~~~~

After finishing dinner, we changed our seat from the middle of the cafe to the seaside seats.

Ann was my camwhore partner that night. Taking over Puff's place.

She camwhored a lot on her own as well

That's for hogging other people's camera to camwhoring purposes... :P


Don't ask

Deepa trying to bring the house down...

This Puff damn kesian. Everytime she wants to take photos with somebody sure got people kacau one.

The reason why we ruin Puff's photos is because she runis it for us most of the time. Hehe~

In this pic you see her sleeping off...Zzz~

I know this photo looked horrible. But its the best I've done for the photo.

The story is like this... we set the camera on timer's mode then we posed but the outcome was like this...

We did turn on the flash but don't know what we did to deserve this.

So I had to edit the lighting, the brightness and bla bla bla... and the outcome was the one at the top.

I think I did alright didn't I? At least you guys were able to see us now.

A better looking group photo

One more better looking group photo

If you're wondering why Puff looked as if she's saying "FUCK!", we're ran into the photo when she was about to take photo with Peili. Haha~

Teruk betul Ann nie. People wanna take photo with Peili, kacau sudah lah...block Peili summore. tsk tsk tsk~

The reason why everyone is so crazy about taking photos with Peili is because she's only back in Melaka with us twice every year. So we must grab the chance to take photos with her.

Now Deepa's turn to block Peili pulak...Hahaha~

Then we had enough and let everyone be in peace to take photos with Peili.

Li and Buvie

I would like to kill the one who took this photo before I was ready

Padan muke Deepa...kacau other people's photo summore lah... Kan dah kena from other people d. :P

See Peili also reluctant to take photo with you...Wakaka~

Eh! I thought these two took a photo together d one? Why got extra one?

Just kidding la... How many you want to take no problem mia...

Gosh! What was I thinking at that moment?

I don't know why I was so into Anu's hood's tip. Hahahahah~

It may look like I'm biting her hood's tip but acually I'm not. I'm baring my teeth and her hood's tip happened to be near my teeth.

Don't you think its quite funny? I cannot tahan not to laugh when I see it.

Ok...I have no idea what I was doing

This cartoon didn't get to take a photo with Peili. Did you guys realized that? Haha~ Poor soul. Even she's got the chance, you still see a certain ghost kacauing at the side.

STupid Puff now keji other people's photo pulak

Buvie said that she like Peili in this photo the most. She looked very happy in this photo. Well, of course she's happy. She's with us. :)

Buvie being a ghost

Don't know why they took so much photo together...isk!

I *heart* blur pics
And the two shorties in the photo. Hehe~

Me and my chicks

Buvie being ghost again...hehehe~

I love this photo but too bad its blur... for once I liked a photo and hoping that its not blur. Haha~

Sial punye Ann!!!!

Puff slept off...or is it high on ganja again????
I'm totally kidding. Haha~

Puff, stop taking photos with Peili la...She also like tak sanggup le. Hahahahahaha~

See the wind also don't want u to take photo arh...

Haha~ Who's the culprit?

Bu and her booze

Two lovers wtf

Anu was super camera sensitive that night. A lot of photos had her inside it.

No need to fight for camera's attention lah... here's a solo pic of you...happy or not?

It's rare that Buvie pose until so cute. Most of the time she acts cool.
Like this...

My turn to take photos with Peili :)))

When acting like some sampat lady, you know I'm happy. Hahahahahahaha~

Thanks to whoever who took this. So pretty la... Can send to some model's agency d. Hahahah~

Nana came after the gathering coz she just came back from KL. We managed to take a group photo nie la...
Eight was there, short of one. :P
Phew~~~~ So much photos. I was so tired that I had no time to tell grandmother's story and to caption too much.
I took two days to do this post. One day to upload photos then the next to write the post. Damn damn tired.
Will continue to post 3rd day of CNY next day.

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