Friday, February 13, 2009

3rd day of CNY in JB

Whoopie~ I'm back.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day and I'm quite busy thinking and preparing what to cook for our dinner. Super excited. :)))) post on CNY.

To make up for not going to JB on the 2nd day, the family decided to go on the 3rd day.

Most of the photos are solely camwhore pictures of myself coz I was plain bored.

I wore the dress which I bought at Sg Wang for only RM25. It was like awesome coz its nice and damn cheap.

And this brooch that impromptuly took from my dresser and pin it on my dress is actually a broken thingy from a top that Sinren bought me years ago.

I like it coz its like Victorian and gothic and ladylike at the same time. But my niece spoiled it coz she tugged at the chains at the bottom too hard. Sigh~ Gotta think of a way to repair it
First stop at JB was Grandma Pang's house.
It was not the same without Grandpa Pang. Quiet, unfriendly, dirty and (sorry I have to say this) stinky.

Grandma Pang smiled :)
Sigh~ I still regret not taking photos with Grandpa Pang last year...sigh sigh sigh~

The second place we went to was my second auntie's place.
The place was super noisy coz all my auntie's children was there including Coco, the mother. Haha~

Took photos with Coco's son, Yee Thern but he kept looking in other directions and not the camera. He doesn't like my camera I guess. But kids like it. Why doesn't he??? :(
Then it was my first auntie's house. I super anticipated to go to her house coz there's a new baby there.

Sam Yi, Baby Zhi Xin and Dad
Zhi Xin looked at the camera. So clever the baby...

So cute and innocent...

Its like he's saying: "Gugu, don't kiss me...geli"

"Yer...why gugu like this one?"
After that we went to second uncle's house. But I slept and didn't take any photos.
Then we returned to Melaka and camwhored all the way. HAha~

Wah~ so Puff would say it. Hahahahahaha~

Playing favouritism again
Everyone knows I take more photos with mum right?
Got back to Melaka and went to dinner at Heritage something at Bukit Beruang. Can't remember the name eventhough I'm there a million times.

That's my third day of CNY. It came and go quite fast. Like a wirlwind from MElaka to JB then back to MElaka.
It was fun 'tho. Seeing aunties and uncles, cousins and niece and nephews.
Will update tomorrow.
Just got my parcel. So so happy!!!
Thanks again Thanu.

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