Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4th day of CNY


Its the next episode to the super draggy CNY posts. Haha~

I'll try my best to finish all the photos by this month coz its already like a month passed CNY.

This time's photos are from the 4th day, which is the day that my church's Youth Fellowship had a visiting to all the member's house. Well not all just most of it.

Dress: Nichii
Bag: Hell knows where...I didn't bring any bags back to Melaka so its the only one I could use. Sigh~ how I wished I had sisters to steal things from. HAha~
Hairband with bow: Diva

Mum and dad had to go visiting with their "orang tua" gang as well so I couldn't drive. So had to tumpang other people's car. So there's lots of time to camwhore. Haha~

First stop we went to Paulie's house. But he was not home coz he had Praise and Worship practice. So we just went to eat his CNY goodies and chatted with his mum.

There's gonna be quite a few of similar photos coz a few cameras took the photos. All of them are nice so I decided to post them all up.
Oh I forgot to bring my camera out right after I took the first photo up there. Yes, I'm that dumb. Haha~ All the photos are courtesy of Shinwei, Sinren and Alex. *Thanks*

Next house we went to was Sinren's house. Sinren went out for a form 6 gathering. So we ate CNY goodies, watched tv and chatted with his two younger brothers.
Haha~ Did you realized that we were damn thicked skin? Go people's house without the host that we know at home and we just pig out and do whatever we like. Haha~ Shameless people. Tsk tsk tsk~

Yeah, if you realized Sinren is already back and so is Paulie

This Ah Teck blocked Sinren's brother, Wen Feng in all the photos. Apalah... Block one of the host punye face mana boleh leh?
3rd house we went to was Alex's house, which is half my house. HAha~
Go there nie we do what we do best lah... makan and watch tv while the boys went upstairs to play Dota. Zzz~

CY came to join us from er... I don't know where. Haha~

Up next is Elder Lee's house.
Its like we always go to his house coz he's one of the most respected person at church. He's always giving advice and telling stories that would inspire us. But then his stories kept repeating so some of the stories we've hear like for a thousand times.
What I think that I learned the most from Elder Lee is that he trusted in God in no matter what circumstances. Even if he's half blind now, he still believe that God would guide and lead him. That is why he always had that smile on his face whenever I see him. If it was me, the story would be different. Even with a minor headache I would frown like someone owes me money and bark at people. HAha~

Finally there's a solo photo of Sinren. Do you guys miss him? Haha~
We were in separated cars so I couldn't take photos of him and camwhore with him. After Elder Lee's house we sat together and the camwhore begin.
Here you see him in a lalat sunglasses. Haha~ Its in CY's car and its probably bought from my dad's store.

Damn cool la we all. Haha~
Ok enough of lameness. The next house that we went to was Uncle George's house.
Same ol activity done there but with a variation of us playing with his pet rabbit (which name slipped my mind) and looking at his carps.

Jeffrey and Shan Shan was already there when we arrived
And the four lame girls at the front was trying to act cute. Haha~ So tak menjadi.

Next is Pastor Lim's house.
By the time we were at Pastor Lim's house, we couldn't stuff in anymore CNY goodies. So we just sat down and chat.

The reason why Pastor Lim and his wife hid at the back is because they were shy that they were only wearing home clothes.

The last house was my house :). They decided to pack dinner and came over to my house to eat. Then some of us had some crazy fun looking at photos and videos in my laptop while some others chatted with my parents.
By the time I'm back I was able to use my camera so we used the timer to take photos of all of us. :)

And then everybody went home at about 9pm.
It was fun hanging out with my church gang coz they're like craziest people on earth. I would usually laugh till my tummy hurt. Like seriously.
Thank god I did not miss the visiting like last year coz it was really damn fun. Looking forward to next year's CNY visitng people ;)
Ok lah... Till here then.
Gotta go get ready for class.

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