Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 5th day of CNY

Hello to who ever that said my CNY's posts are taking too long :P

Here's the next one...

On the 5th day, we had Youth Fellowship and we went to Jeff's house for fellowship.

Had some great fun laughing at silly games that Teck planned for us. No offense Teck Darling but its not that nice. Haha~

Everybody's handphone
Coz Teck made us take out our handphones for his game which was quite silly as well. Haha~
After all that craziness we took group photos together with Jeff and his wife...

Group photos of all the boys in our YF
Interested in any? Everyone except Jeff and my neney is available. Haha~

All the girls
Erm~~~ not all lah... Coz our YF has more girls but the chances of seeing all of them turn up is turning bad. Sigh~~~
And I don't know why we chose to pose like that. And my face seriously like whack-able (if that is a word lah...)
Jacy looked super funny hiding behind the big pillow lor. Hahahahaha~

We had no idea Williang was behind us. Shit to whoever this cameraman was. I think its Alex, the chicken butt.

Had no idea Paulie was at the back as well. Sinren Liow had gotten it from me. That fatty pakat with the boys to do this. Isk isk isk~

Bestie Jacy and I
Yer... I had that weird, dad-lookie-alike smile again.
On the same day, I passed Alex his birthday present which was due a month back from his birthday. I wrapped it with so many layers and in photos recorded how he opened it.
I should have taken a video as well coz it was freaking hilarious. He liked opened it while rawr-ing at the present coz it was so frustrating to open a present with so many layers. Hahahaha~

The present wrapped with a very cute bear bear's wrapping paper

Opened and its a shoe box inside. He thought its a pair of shoes. Haha~ Its not that easy brother.

Open up and found something looking like a parcel from the post office

The moment he peel off the first layer of newpaper and found the second, he totally went on a frenzy. Then he started the whole ripping open and doing that silly rawr-ing sound. Hahahahaha~

Can you see how thick it is? Wakakakakaka~ I'm like evil

After he found his present, the polo tee, he was like exhausted. Wahahahahaahha~ Damn hilarious his face.
He said he liked the t-shirt eventhough its a new thing for him to try on yellow colour tops. Yay to me coz I chose the present. Call me the best gift secretary. Hehe~
After Jeff's house we went over to Ah kok's house. Nothing much la... just ate and drink and took a group picture...

Well, that's a short post.
The CNY posts will end tomorrow, I promise.
So see you guys tomorrow.
Gotta go put my nose in ethnomusicology now.

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