Friday, February 20, 2009

9th day of CNY

Sorry darlings...

I was in a bad mood and had a minor fight that I did not blog yesterday. And recently I was super tired so I slept a lot. Plus my thesis' dateline is...ah!!!! Its just freaking scary lah... HAha~

Okok today's the last CNY post and on the 9th day, I was back in UT already and the housemates had our little CNY dinner...

While everybody was so ganjeong eating, she was doing her thesis. Sigh~ Why am I not like her? HAha~ She' gonna kill me btw for posting this up.

But hey, I'm kind enough not to take from up front. HAha~

It shows how hardworking she is...are you happy my dear roomie. Wakakakakakakaka~

What we ate???

锅贴, which is called stickies sometimes I think but I called it dumplings lah...

Esther's mum made this and Esther brought it here to share with us. Damn nice. Always loved Esther's mum's food ;)

Honey chicken which Esther invented

I love it a lot...always wanted to learn from her but forever forgetting to ask her.

Our steamboat, using my slow cooker

The soup had chinese herbs brought by Shiu Li I think.

The little things we contributed for the steamboat


If you wondered where I was the whole time....

I was busy taking photos and savouring on my favourite honey chicken...yum yum yum~
WEll, that's all.
And finally the CNY posts are done. I can now go on with other things. Yay!!! HAhahahaha~
Ok lah... Gotta go.
Time to wash clothes. Zzz~~~~

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