Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bride Wars

Today Li Shan and I went to watch Bride Wars which was quite lapuk already coz everyone watched it.

I don't remember if I ever watched any Kate Hudson's movie but I didn't know that her voice was so..."manly". But I like it. How I wished my voice was deep. I think its super sexy. Haha~

Anyways, my favourite part of the movie was Anne Hathaway/Emma was overly tanned.

It was super hilarious. She looked like someone from Timbuktu...erm~ as I imagined lah... AHahahahahah~

I was like laughing damn loud ok? Coz it was really freaking funny. Looking at this photo also I tak tahan wanna laugh. Hahahahahahaah~

What's your favourite scene?

Anyways, I think Bride Wars is the best chick flick I've ever watched. The last one which I thought was the best was Mean Girls. Like totally right?

You know what? I cried watching Bride Wars. Well, its typical lah... I cried at a lot of movies. But its been awhile since that happen coz the movies recently are mostly like just funny all the way or just plain dumb. But Bride Wars was awesome and it was really touching at the back. I like cried for the last half hour of the movie. The tears just won't stop.

Thumbs up! Thumbs up!

After the watching the movie, I was so eager to have a wedding wtf. Hahahahahaha~ No lah... I mean everyone has their own dream wedding right? I mean excluding those who doesn't plan to get married lah.'s how I want and hope my wedding to be. Mr Liow, you can get a pen and jot everything down if you're serious.

First of all, the dress should be strapless which is my favourite type of dress. White colour is the best but I don't mind champagne coz it looks damn cool.

Was hoping it'll look something like this...

Taken from

Too inspired from Bride Wars so looked at Vera Wang's collection. Hehe~ Sorry the model too ugly so I put that thing there. Hahahahahah~

I thought the dress that Kate wore in the movie was awesome but too many tiers of tulle would be difficult to walk in won't it? And no trains coz I just wanna run to the altar and get married. AHahahahah~

Oh and the veil must be gorgeous lah. At least until my waist.

My cousin told me the importance of keeping your weight fit when you're wearing a tube wedding dress coz if you're too fat, you can zip it up but when you're too thin, the dress would slip down while you walk. Wise words cousin, wise words.

Then comes my brides maid and also maid of honour.

This is what I want them to wear...

Also taken from

I prefer if the dress is in champagne or gold la. Like damn elegant right?

I thought about it and I think I'm gonna make Jacy my maid of honour coz I love her so much. And she's like a sister to me. And she knows me in and out. I wouldn't wanna go working on the wedding with anyone else. So no one can fight with her. Erm~~~ unless we fought and she doesn't wanna talk to me ever lah...

And I want 3 other brides maid which are...erm~ I don't know who yet. Too many people to choose from and I don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings.

My flower girl would be Grace Fu coz she's like my god daughter and her guy would be erm... I don't know, I'll let the groom choose. The ring bearer would be Sinren's lil cousin coz I love him to bits.

The bestman and the rest I think its none of business right? But I must make sure my dear brothers, Paulie and Alex must do something important. MAybe one be the virgin who opens the door and the other will be the virgin who jumps on our bed. Hahahahahahaha~

My flower bouquet must be either callas lilies or just plain lilies. Coz they're my favourite. I would love to get calm walking down their aisle with their fragrance.

Ooooh~ and if its not a bother, I want the whole church to be decorated with them too. :)

And now for my engagement ring...

I tell you... I saw my friend's engagement ring and it was like damn huge ok? I mean the diamond lah... damn jealous. When's mine gonna arrive wei? *hint hint*

I don't want big lah... as long as got diamond can d.

Do you guys know the difference betweent the engagement ring and the wedding rings?
The engagement ring is the one the guy proposes to you. So its only one of it. But wedding rings are the ones both exchanges. So there's one for the lady and one for the man.
And the pic above is the exact wedding ring I want. Nice right?
Poor Sinren... I think you better start saving now lah... Or else you might go broke after the wedding. Hahahahaha~
I didn't think cake was so important until I played Wedding Dash wtf. Hahahahaha~ So here's I plan to make my cake...

Must be three tiers and either in all white or white and pink. Don't you think its damn sweet?
I was hoping that my wedding and the dinner is at the same place. So after the wedding people sit around for like appertizers at the lobby or something then goes into the ballroom for dinner.
I would decorate the whole room entirely white or champagne coz I think white and champagne is so wedding-ish. The ladies guest should wear pastel colours and guys should only wear neutral black or white.
No stupid karaoke coz I hate those. It'll be just a quite dinner and some entertainment like putting up photos of me for people to view. AHahahahahh~ And also Sinren's la.
Okok...a girl can dream right?
Just let me dream for awhile lah...
So many people is getting married this year including a childhood friend of mine. IT really does get me thinking when will it be my turn.
I'm not desperate to get settled but once in awhile I wish I can just spend the rest of my life with Sinren asap. Sleeping in his arms and hear him snore wtf. Waking up to see his big mouth open wide. HAahhahaha~ And just seeing him makes me feel so happy. As long as we don't fight lah... Coz then I'll be torturing him.
I don't know why I'm all lovey dovey these days. MAybe its the effect of Valentine's Day. That is why I changed the header yet again. Nice????? Its supposed to fit this month's love love love theme. Will change it often to fit different feelings of the month.
I'm out of ideas for V day except for giving him a surprise. What are you guys planning?
Sharing is caring...hehehehe~
K lah... Gotta go sleep and dream about my wedding...

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