Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A different type of reunion dinner

This year's reunion was super boring compared to what we had last year. Maybe its because I was not so happy with the whole situation at that time so that's why.

The morning started off with church service and went for Youth Fellowship lunch which was quite lame coz many of us didn't sit on the same dinner. And we were pretty much 自己吃自己(cantonese jigeisekjigei which direct translates ownself eat ownself wtf). But was quite happy that was able to sit down and have lunch with Eric which had not happened for years. Found my true best friend in Eric coz he hated taugeh as well. AHahha~

Then night, after helping out to set the tables our reunion dinner starts. Not much photos coz I was not in that picture taking mood.

What I wore for the reunion dinner

Nothing special. It was a normal tee which was damn old coz I think I got it from high school. Form 4 I think. And some bermudas nie. Didn't bother to look nice coz of my bad mood.

Painted my nails gold coz I thought it would look damn prosperous wtf. Hahahahahah~ But the colour really damn nice la.

And my nails so long d huh? Hehe~ no more tutor class mah...

Uncle know that I love Lou Po Peng (direct translaction: Wife's biscuit) from Hong Kong so he bought me some.
Hong kong's lou po peng is the best!!!!

Look at the amount of "inti" (no idea what is "inti" in english) it has. Malaysia's lou po peng can go and die. :P

Same like last year we had steamboat using the antique steamboat pot. But this time round we only had tom yam soup coz the children (my cousins) likes spicy stuff.
Had red wine this year coz dad bought a new opener. HAahhahahaah~
After dinner, I brought the kids to the playground quite far from my house. I prefer to go to that park coz the walk there can see many dogs.
Sat on the see saw to camwhore coz there's no seat for me on the swing. Hehe~

Yay! Finally got to sit on the swing!!!
We having a contest of seeing who is able to swing the swing the highest (deja vu feeling like pernah play with another cousin nie...) manatau suddenly it started to rain. So we had to run all the way back. I couldn't call mum to pick us up coz I left the phone at home.
Bodoh betul! Brought camera but not phone...hahahahaha~
Hahahahahahaha~ I just wash my hair that's why don't wanna kena rain. Hodoh betul!!!
I salute myself lah... In the rain running still can camwhore. HAhahahahaahah~

We ran damn far ok. WAnna reach the turning into my house nie mama came with the car. So kesian you know...
Summore go back must bathe once more. Wasted nie I wash my hair earlier that time. :P

Ended the night with Pa and Ma giving me angpows. Hehehheheh~
Compared the photos of me holding the angpows with last year's one and realized that my hair grew quite fast arh... LAst year was like bob haircut but this year already so long :)
Didn't watch much tv this year coz had to compete with two rascals. Zzzz~ DAmn benci.
Sigh~ suan le la...
K lah...
That's all about the reunion dinner.
Will update bout the rest of the CNY tomorrow.
So many photos to watermark until I so tired wtf. 218 ok? It was about 300 but I filtered and left with 218.
K lah... gotta go.

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