Monday, February 2, 2009

Finding comfort in affliction

Last Saturday during P&W band practice's bible study, Su Pheen talked about "finding comfort in affliction". I was moved by it now that CNY break is almost over (technically its already over lah...).

It was easy to praise the Lord during good times. Like when your results were way beyond than expected, you praise the Lord. But how often do you praise the Lord when affliction happens? Do you praise the Lord when you met with an accident? Do you praise the Lord when you were robbed? Do you praise the Lord when you break up with your bf of ten years? Or are you like me, thinking what is there to praise the Lord at these times?

Have you ever think that eventhough all these bad things happened God was there to be your comfort? Don't you think its a comfort that eventhough your car is in pieces after the accident, you are still one whole piece? Don't you think that the robber took your money but not your life is a comfort? So don't you think its a big reason to praise the Lord?

I was complaining big time during this CNY. Saying that some people had been spoiling my wonderful CNY break. Which is quite true coz its not the CNY I was planning on having this year. But I forgot that the fact that everyone is safe and celebrating a festival together is a blessing. I had been always worried about their safety, how they had been and if they are in trouble but when they are here, I'm complaining that they are ruining my perfect break. How could I?

I should be praising the Lord that the whole family is safe and being able to come here to spend some time with us. I hoped everyone were happy and felt at home eventhough our place was not much.

I pray that God would bless them and protect them. Maybe that might not know the Lord but I know God was with them all the time. Hopefully they are safe now and everything could be done asap and could leave here safely without fuss.

Ok... will blog tonight with photos of CNY.

Hopefully I could edit all 250+ photos in time. Hehehe~

See you guys...

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