Thursday, February 12, 2009

Genting Trip with my love

Hello peeps...

I finished mourning wtf. Haha~

No lah... I was just joking about mourning but I'm really upset about the whole Brown-Rihanna incident. I like both Rihanna and Chris a lot. But sigh~ I gotta stop being dramatic. Haha~

Anyways, last week I had an impromptu trip to Genting with Sinren and his friends. Just out of the sudden he called me and asked me to go. So I decided to go lah... Coz I've not been to any trips with him.

After being prepared for the trip, I camwhore :D

Please excuse that big pimple. Haha~

On the bus going to Genting

It was drizzling a little and had a bit of a jam. So we were stuck in the bus doing nothing except for listening (more like eavesdropping) to some old aunty who is a gambler chat with a fellow gambler from China.

I was super excited coz I had never took the bus to Genting ever. Usually I go to Genting with my family so no worries about transportation.

On the way up in the skyway

Super scary to sit on the skyway at night ok? I closed my eyes and held on to Sinren damn tight. Got this fear that the coach might just fall off the track. Paranoid...

This is my room...

While everyone else got ready and bathed in their respective rooms, I slip into my pyjamas (don't know for what) and camwhored. Hahahahahahaha~

I wanted to do the I'm naked thingy with the blanket but failed. Haha~

Your pathetic blogger touched up on her makeup before slipping into her PJs just for camwhore purposes. Damn pathetic eh?

If you see properly at the last two photos, which were taken with my miu miu camera, you can see that my left eye is very red. No its not some red eye effect from the camera. But I had an eye infection. Ya like again. I think something is either wrong with my eyes or the contact lenses. My right eye is perfectly fine but the left eye hurts like a bitch.

I endured with the pain for the whole night. Until Sinren screamed at me to take it off which is like before I went back to my room to sleep. Hehe~

After everyone got ready, we went to eat dinner and then went on separate ways to explore Genting.

On the escalator to go to the outdoors

We wanna walk in the cold and also find Sinren's favourite chee cheong fun stall.

Then we went back to First World and other hotels to walk around and take photos.

The so called Times Square with the Statue of Liberty

I was supposed to be in the photo but I was basically dumb

I didn't know I was not in it and posed kao kao at the side. Haha~

I tried dressing a little more mature coz I wanted to go into the casino. Just for a "see-look" experience. But I don't know why I got so "chicken" and didn't dare to get in at the entrance.
Maybe its all those stories I heard about it. And maybe its because I hate that place for destroying someone I love a lot. Sigh~ not gonna talk about it.
Maybe one day I would enter coz I heard there's free drinks in there. And I'm a cheapskate. HAha~

Haha~ We're so lame right?
After taking photos and walking till our feet nearly gave way. We went back to our rooms then slept.
The next morning we had buffet at the cafe then packed and got ready to leave.

Before leaving my hotel room :)
We decided to play something before leaving or else or trip is like super meaningless to Genting. But all the single rides is so overpriced. If its in the package then I think its ok. Coz you can ride corkscrew for a thousand times and worth everything back.
At last we went to Ripley's Believe it.

at the funny mirror
We didn't take any photos except for this coz we didn't know it was allowed to take photos in there. Or is it not allowed?
Oh Sinren doesn't allow me to wear contacts for a month. T_____T No pretty face for a month. So bare with my ugly nerdy face for a month lah k?

Sorry we looked so tired
We slept all the way back to KL. Then I took the bus alone back to MElaka on my own coz he had somethings to be done in KL.

I was in the bus and took a photo of him. Yala damn lame.
He was sms-ing me about something coz some stupid stuff happened la.
That day I went up the bus (to go back to MElaka) and saw this girl sitting at my seat. I wanted to approach her but since KKKL is always asking people to sit wherever they like so I decided not to.
I wanted to sit down at the seat behind my original seat. But before I lay my ass this girl ran up to me and said to me in a damn annoyed tone, saying I was on her seat. I don't blame her.
So I told the girl at my seat that she was in my seat but she told me its her seat coz on her ticket, it was written that her seat is no. 6. I was like impossible lah. how can? So I showed her my tix. I was not going to lose my seat like the last time (long story...). She told me: "Oh this is the 4pm bus, yours is 4.30pm"
I thought was wrong. Was feeling like damn shy k? But I looked at the clock. Its already 4.23pm. wtf 4pm bus???? So I urged her to ask the uncle. She did and she was in the wrong lah...
Rest of the story is none of my business so I won't go on.
But don't you think the girl is super blur? Doesn't she check her watch or something? She missed her bus you know? And then excuse people to take wrong bus summore.
tsk tsk tsk~
The Genting trip was fun and it was a long time since I last went there. And it was the first trip I went with Sinren. So it was damn sweet. If only we went to the theme parks and I'm sure we'll have more fun.
BTWs, I'm gonna go Genting again. In March. So yay!!!!
Ok lah... Gotta go.
p/s: my chair in UT is gonna break soon. So worried that I might fall if it breaks suddenly. So the question is...should I get a new chair before it breaks or should i go get it after it breaks? Comments!!!

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