Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm sick but not too sick to drool at hot guys...hahaha~

Recently I'm watching Flower Four which is the Korean version of Meteor Garden.
Its the exact storyline with the Taiwan one coz I think they are not creative enough. Hehe~ Joking lah... Coz its the original comic's story.

Actually the story is so lapuk that I already know the story before the next scene comes up. But why do I watch it?????

Because of this guy...

So good-looking I wanna die!!!

He's Gu Jun Byo....I mean that's his character's name lah... He's the main character in the series lah... You'll know who if you ever watch any version of Meteor Garden or Hana Yori Dango. The big bully whom the main female character loved??? You get the idea lah...

And he is so so funny ok...there's this scene his butler asked why did he woke up early. He was actually wanting to go to school early to see his love subject but he told the butler...

For those who doesn't read chinese he said: "Worms that wake up early die early" which has no connection with waking up early. Hahahahahahhaha~

The correct peribahasa he meant was “早起的鸟儿有虫吃”which means the early bird gets its worm. Hahahahahahaha~ Like serious damn funny lor. If you get what I mean lah...

The guy who acted as Gu Jun Byo is called Lee Min Ho. And he is compared to Jerry Yan because they looked alike and acted as the same role.

But I don't think they look alike you think so???? Jerry Yan is not good looking at all lor. Sorry la to all his fans. I'm not a big fan of his.

Anyways, not here to Lee Min Ho lah... Will do another post on him soon. HAhahahahahah~

The series is nothing special la if you watched Meteor Garden (I think Hana Yori Dango is better although I'm still waiting for the dvd from someone....*hint hint*)but basically is filled with over-plastic surgeried, over-perfect looking female actress.

From young squeaky voice girls....

to old ah mahs who looks like some witch
I know they looked beautiful but its like not natural lor. Like fake. I think mannequins look better than them.
But if you guys are big fan of Korean series, can try to catch them on KBS World (Astro) or download them lah.... I recommend tom365.
K lah...short one again.
Thesis time...

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