Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its all about food again...

This post is gonna be filled with food again. So if you're really hungry. Please don't view it.

But if you insist on viewing, don't blame me. :P

Anyways, these photos are quite backdated lah. Hehe~

On 11 Feb, after class, the UT housemates went to have lunch together. Erm...minus Shiu li lah...

We went to this shop in ss2 selling Dimsum. Erm... I forgot the name in English but in Chinese the shop is called 甜心点心. So anyone who reads chinese can go try it lah... I'll find out about the English name one day lah... haha~

No photos of humans coz my roomie doesn't allow me to take photos of her. So to be fair I didn't take anyone else's photo. And also coz I looked ugly lah.. haha~

Food time...

I forgot how both drinks tasted like coz its damn long ago d. Haha~

This is called 流沙包in chinese which is actually salted egg bao
I was finding for this bao like forever. Coz I heard it was damn good. But its not sold in every dim sum shop. So I was so lucky this shop had them :)

流沙means flowing sand (direct translation) and as you can see the salted egg flows out when you open it. So excited... ahaha~
It was not that nice lah actually. The inside was nice lah... salty and everything. But the bao skin is not that nice. And it sticks to the paper at the bottom. So like half the bao already gone. :(

Didn't try both of this coz I shy wanna ask from CY. Haha~
Then there's two fried rice which were ordered by Jane and Esther. No pictures coz my set lunch was already there. I was busy eating.
My set lunch consists of...

All this for only RM9.90
Super "dai" lor don't you think? Eat until damn full can.
The fried fuzhuk would be my favourite I must say. Very crispy. The soup also not bad lah. That type of soup that I love. Erm... actually I think I love all types of soup. But the shark fin shiu mai was just normal lor. No shark fin also.
Then at later that day at night for dinner we went to Gardens. This time its just Esther, Shiu li and I.

We went to the new foodcourt in Gardens which was called Food Garden. The decors attracted us from far. So we thought we could go in and have a try.
There's quite a big variety of food to choose from. Esther ordered Thai food, Shiu Li ordered Korean and I had Japanese.
This is Esther's Thai set dinner...

I saw the pandan chicken on the menu as pondan chicken. And I was like: "Huh? How is pondan chicken like?" Haha~ But there is pondan chicken you know? Like sexless chicken. Mutated sorta chicken. My teacher back in form 5 told me. Wonder if she lied. HAha~
Anyways, I didn't try the chicken la... I don't know what it tasted like. But the mango salad was super sour. Nice...

Extremely spicy. I choked like everytime I take a sip. But it was good also lah...just that its a bit too oily on the top.
Shiu Li's Korean food. Actually I shared with her lah...coz I'm a big eater. *shy*

Not as good as the one I had in Sg Wang which is like the best I tried
This Korean stall in Food Garden is owned by a real Korean (wtf real Korean...haha~). He's not all that good looking but looked really cute. As in ugly but adorable. Haha~ I had a hard time talking to him 'tho. I just wanted a plastic and it took about 5 mins for him to get what I wanted.

The kimchi was super spicy but it was all good. Love it!!!
In fact I love it so much that I had it for 3 meals. I brought it home coz couldn't finish it and ate it with 3 meals at home. Haha~
Then it was my lame Japanese food. I only ordered like something small or else I couldn't finish both the Korean and Japanese right?

Both tasted like shit
Like seriously lor. The flour they used to fry the tempura does not taste like tempura flour at all. Just like any other flour you get in stores. And the prawn is freaking small.
Then chawanmushi...let's just say the one I made is better. Hehe~
Well, that's all lah...
So hungry now. But got nothing to cook. ISk isk isk~ Gotta go Midvalley for some groceries shopping soon.
K lah... back to thesis...
See ya...

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