Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who is Victoria anyways?

I'm very happy today. Because it rained very heavily and the fan in my room at UT is finally clean. Its so windy right now. I am no more grumpy when I wake up from naps or whenever I sleep.

But then again, I saw a news that was quite sad. Look at Rihanna's injuries man. That Chris Brown is really inhuman lor. How can he do this to her? He even tried to strangled her. What the hell is his prob????


OKok enough of all that...

Today I'm going to talk about my Victoria's Secret's bags which I promised that I was going to talk about the last time.

Last week when I was doing something (which I forgot what) the guard called our intercom and asked us to go down to get a package. So I went down la...
Have no idea what it was and who is it for

Wah~ damn big right the box. Wonder what's inside.

ACtually I was expecting a package la but didn't know it'll be so big.

The other day I was discussing with my friend about bags and I told I wanna get a bag from a particular brand. But she said it was like "ah mah's" (as in grandmother) bag. So she showed me a few from Victoria's Secret lah... which was quite nice.

I didn't know that Victoria's Secret had bags coz all this while I only visit the site to see lingeries and bikinis. Haha~

Then she showed me this bag that I thought was damn nice. She said she's gonna get it for me coz she had not get me a birthday present for years.

She told me the package will reach in a month's time but manatau it came early and it was like so humongous.

And much to my surprise (and to Esther's, who came to kepoh...haha~) there was three bags in the big big box.

I don't know if Esther saw it but I was like almost in tears. I didn't expect to receive three bags lor. I was already excited to hear that she was sending me a bag but three came.

Two black ones and one pink

HAha~ Victoria's Secret...the sexiest on earth
Like I asked on my title...who is Victoria anyways? Anybody knows who is the creator of VS? Coz I'm so curious its gonna kill me (coz i'm a cat wtf).

The first bag is a tote bag which is in my favourite shade of pink :)

Dear friend said this bag is for work/school

So happy until can't stop camwhoring with the bag. HAha~

The second bag which is the bag that I took with me to my Valentine's day's shopping. Its a sort of like boston bag sorta thingy which is my favourite sort of bag. :)

The last bag is the humongous weekender bag which is like a luggage bag. Damn big ok?

I don't if my dear friend reads my blog or not but you have no idea how thankful I am for all the bags that you sent. I wished I could do the same to you but...sigh~ I will find a way to make that up ok? Muaks~~~~
Ok lah... quite a short one today.
Back to thesis.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

ehhhhhhhh....i got the pink tote from VS too!!

but mine is beige with pink on the side!!

so awesome u got all 3!!

cos last time i ordered clothes with my bro's gf from VS and above dunno how much u can add or pick a bag and we both got the tote! u got all 3 sizes leh!

ur friend must be a huge VS fans!


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