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Not much to talk about today. Just a short post about what I bought last Thursday during our (Li Shan) de-stressing session at Midvalley. By de-stressing I mean being in the mall and get retail therapy. Hehe~

Skinfood's Aloe Sun BB Cream

Heard all the greatness of BB Creams in many forums and aparently this is one of the best and affordable BB Cream available. So I've decided to give it a try.

Had been surveying the market and I think Skinfood's BB Cream is better than Faceshop's eventhough their price is almost the same. Faceshop's BB Cream looks not so natural when applied.

Will show you guys the difference of with and without BB Cream soon.

Oh ya... this BB Cream smells nice. Like some lotion I tried somewhere.

Bought this in FOS

This is the tee you saw in the previous post.

Its a factory outlet from the brand Junk Food which are very famous for their tees

The original tee from Junk Food is so so expensive lor. Actually the outlet one is also expensive la... Coz the material is quite thin and stuff. But I like it coz 'tho thin the material is soft and nice to the skin. Planning to get more tees from Junk Food soon. :)

And the designs are so so cute. And yes my bf is really very happy so that's why I bought the shirt. There's another which says "my boyfriend thinks he is mr. cool". Hahahahahaha~ And there is another which I plan to buy. There's a picture of Bam-bam (you would know if watched Flinstones) and at the bottom written "Daddy's Little Girl". Damn cute.

Love this tee I found on their website. So tak malu if I wear it outside. Sure kena throw stones. Haha~
BTW, I don't think I could fit it coz its for toddlers. HAha~

Bought a new eyebrow trimming blade coz I lost the other one. Had to learn how to be so clumsy and forgetful. Seems like I keep losing my stuff. :(

Nothing much... just to show you guys that the blade could be folded. Haha~ -___-
On the same day, Li Shan and I went to our favourite Japanese food shop, Sushi Zanmai. We can never get enough of it. ^____^
The food there is really damn good la especially the sashimis. If you're not a big fan of sashimis, its a big lost.

Sakura Don
Both of us ordered this coz there's so many sashimis in it. There's toro (tuna), salmon (forgot the name in Jap), ebi (prawn), fish roe and octopus tentacle. There's also some seaweed and eggs. Yum yum yum...
Apart from that, we also had some sushis. All made of raw fishes. Mostly salmon coz we love salmon lots lots.
Just wondering anybody knows why toro is so expensive? Much more expensive compared with salmon. I have no idea why and wonders if anyone knows?

Smelt Fish
Heard about people telling about this fish. So decided to give it a try.
And my gosh!!! It was like heaven k? How can something so sinful be so tasty? Sigh~~~ Am guilty to say this but I am sure to order this when I'm eating Japanese food again.
Li Shan was quite afraid to taste it lor. But after trying it she also agreed that this is the most sinfully delicious she ever tried.
Who dares to eat 'em? Join me next time for JApanese food?
Well that's bout it.
Recently had been hearing rumours about thesis' hand-in date. Someone said that its on the 2nd of April. WTH??? ITs like doom's day for me lor. How to be done in this short period?
I think its impossible lor coz 2nd is not the 14th week for the semester. I wonder who told them that its on the 2nd.
Hopefully its not true la coz I still have three chapters to be done.
Sigh~ gotta work faster la...
K lah... gota go. See you guys tomorrow or later when I'm bored.

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