Saturday, March 14, 2009

At least I could spell air-con correctly :P


Its Saturday and its resting and not doing anything day. Sigh~ But then thinking of the thesis deadline, I might as well rest for a few minutes and continue to get back on work.

But at 12pm I'm going shopping. Wahahahahahahah~

Anyways, last Wednesday afternoon, Li shan and I decided to go to Jaya One to chill out and we went to BBQ Chicken.

This is us camwhoring while waiting for our food

I met up with Buvie at there to but she's not into the whole camwhoring thing like Lishan and I... Okok I lied. I forgot to take her picture. AHah~ And Puff also came with her coursemates. I also forgotten to take photos with her. :P

Anyways, this is what we ordered there...

Top to bottom: Fish Fillet and Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich

Buvie said that I was damn weird coz I ordered fish in a chicken place. I didn't realize that until she said that. Hmmmm~~~~ why did i huh?

Anyways, the food at BBQ Chicken was good la but their service suck balls. You know we waited 30 minutes for our food to come? Its not that they have a lot of people lor. We were damn hungry ok? Summore Buvie's Cappucino came later than ours. Like about 1 hour later. Zzz~

Even ordering and paying for the food takes like few minutes. Apa nie...

I guess I would go back there la. Coz the food is nice mah... But I hope they improve on their service lor coz its such a shame to have a nice place to have lunch but the service's slow like hell.

Ok now on another matter. I bet you guys are wondering what my title mean (unless you don't read the title and jump straight to the post).

Now here's why...

Spotted in Studio 3 of Pusat Kebudayaan

Damn shy la wei. I mean my english is bad. But not to this extend. Ok maybe it was a small typo but no. There was like a few times AIR CON was mentioned and all of them were spelled wrongly.

Sigh~ and they call themselves uni students. Tsk tsk tsk~

Do go and check it out in Studio 3 if you're a music student. Its hilarious lor. And to the one who happened to do this and came to read about this. I don't mean to humiliate but I just happen to like to laugh at funny things.

K lah... gotta go get ready to go shopping.


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