Monday, March 2, 2009


Lately i've started being really emotional. Anything makes me cry easily.

Watching people lose weight on The Biggest Loser, I cried.
When dad told me we're not going back for Grandpa Pang's remembrance service, I cried.
When I listen to A Whole New World, I cried.
When I watch Boys Over Flower's love scene, I cried.
When people tell me Welcome back to Melaka, I cried (ok, i secretly shed a tear lah...).
When I chat with some friend, I cried.
When he said good night, I cried.
When we had yee sang for dinner, I cried.
I just cry and cry.

I guess I'm not keen on bidding goodbyes.

In one month's time its goodbye. T____T

I guess most of the people who reads the blog knows what happens in one month's time.

I must admit that I was happy that its finally over and I was even more happier that I can get away from some particular character. But there are some things that I know I can't bare to leave behind.

The wonderful home feel with the girls, eating tasty homecook meals together, being lame, gossiping, shopping...etc. Talking about all these things made me cry again.

Many other things add up to my emo-ness.

Him.... T_____T

Sigh~ I guess I just have to live by the moment. Make more memories while there's still time.

Sorry if I looked unhappy and spoil anybody's mood. I'll try not to be so emo.

Sigh~ one more month and thesis had to be handed in. Another emo thing.... T_____T

I'm predicting more emo posts coming up. Sorry if you guys doesn't like emo posts.


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