Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Genting Trip Day 1

Genting trip was awesome and the amount of photos are killing me. There are all together 160 photos for two days. Its not a lot but the process of uploading, editing, uploading again, resizing and posting was tiring.

It took me about one day to get the photos from various source, upload and edit. Then another day to upload to photobucket. And one more day to resize and post it here. I think it would take another day to write this post.

Since I'm suppose to be busy...(which is true) I'm gonna just caption the photos.

Woke up at 8am to catch the early bus but manatau the first bus is only at 12.30pm -_-lll

Look at Neney...like high nie... He's also sleep deprived. Stupid FYP and assignments. But seems like I so much more awake compare to him. :P

Haha~ He take photos also until sleep off le...

The last photo I took before both of us slept off

Oh! Let me show you guys my green and yellow button earrings.

I had this craze for earrings since forever. I have like 60+ earrings all together since I last counted. But since I'm in uni I left all my earrings back home and forget all about them. Recently I pick up the habit of putting on earrings everytime I go out. So those babies could come back to good use now. ;0

Reached Genting and hop on to the skyway straightaway coz its like my favourite. :D

Didn't get to take the scenery when I was here last month coz it was at night when we took the skyway

No photos of Sheene and I shopping after we unpack and stuff then later we went back to the apartment to watch Leslie Cheung's old movie, He's Woman, She's a Man. Or is it the other way round. Haha~

Then Jacy, Williang, Fay, Teck and CY arrived. So we went downstairs to help bring up some stuff for them.

Me being myself wore pyjamas the moment I felt comfy with the enviroment in Genting. And thanks to CY for capturing the moment :)

I dont know why but I like this photo a lot

CY said I looked like Digi man with my hood on my head. So he asked me to do this pose which is totally -_-

Then he said: "Hey try pointing your hand towards the Genting sign like the saying there's coverage everywhere" -__- Is this another photoshoot????

After getting all the stuff upstairs and waited for everyone to return, we had dinner. Not much photos taken coz everyone was hungry and we need to hurry to the First World Hotel to catch Earth Hour.

The only photo taken during dinner was this of Jacy. Also directed by CY. -____-

On the way to First World, these two guys decided to have a showdown. See how can they out-gayed each other.

Them competing how to carry the ladies' bag the most gay-ish way. Guess who won?

Here's the winner and why did he won? Coz all the girls agreed that he totally out-gayed not only Paulie but also himself. Haha~

See even after Paulie stopped being gay he's still being all gay

I thought he was the most man guy among the guys in my church but I was wrong. Hahahahhahaha~

On the way up to First World we saw this sign by the road side. We have no idea it was supposed to mean. Many gave suggestions including do not get too excited when you see your friend across the road. What do you think?
We missed the lights closing for Earth Hour coz Joyce lost her wallet. Super Zzz~ lor. But not all lights were shut off lah... So not that nice.
We did participate lor... but some people still forget to switch off the lights at the living room. Apa nie...

We took group photo right after reaching First World coz we knew all would separate to different places after this
And yeah most of the elder ones including myself went into casino. The rest of the guys went for pool and the young girls went to play at the theme park.
Didn't try my luck in the casino. Instead Sinren, Jacy and I had fun eating chicken wings and free drinks in the casino. Didn't dare to camwhore in case it wasn't allowed.

Ah teck who is single needed to be under that missing person sign coz some girl must be missing her. *vomits*

After a few hours walking aimlessly in First World, we went back to our apartment and the craziness and gay-ness continues.

I always get the pass to enter the guys' room without any problem coz they treat me as one of their own wtf. But sometimes I wonder if its good thing when they start to strip in front of me. *faints*

But I have to admit that Paulie's body is so much better compared to the rest of the guys, whose tummy is saggy and hairy...

So sexynye my brother... ^///^
Then the birth of tranny begin after Paulie went to take a bath.

It started with a streak of eyeliner on the upper lit. Oh and three dots.
He initially wanted to do a gothic do but... you'll know what happen soon.

Then the eye was turned into a smokey eye. Still looking pretty much gothic.

But when two eyes were turned into smokey eye, things changed. Haha~ So to add intensity I tied my scarf around his head. Woots!!!

Oh did I say that he also added fake eyelashes. My GOD!!!! Even I don't put fake eyelashes. You lead the way man...Mwah~

And all this is Ah Wei wei's work with contribution of Wei's, Jacy's and my makeup
Then more craziness broke loose. I wonder if they secretly took alchohol or something. Hahahahahha~

The rest of the guys: Paulie and Alex dressed CY up
My scarf as his headband, my "digiman" jacket as his jacket (duh!) and Jacy's scarf as his scarf.

Then the scarf became a skirt. Hahahahahahha~

Whoever suggested this pose seriously hates CY. Haha~

The tranny got impregnant by somebody unknown

Damn gay lor this face...yer~~~~

Ok, I know you guys are already puking all over the place. Its already the last photo of CY, the tranny. So you can relax now.
So after Cy went to take his bath. Alex and I started to play with my laptop's webcam. Coz like me, my brother is one hell of a camwhorer too. I think we were really twins separate at birth.

Actually the emboss effect is not so funny la... Just that when you show your teeth its quite gross

The mirror effect is always the funniest. We sat there laughing at it for one hour. Hahahahahaha~

This reminds me of some monster in Monsters Inc.

Paulie said I looked like some weird alien with kecik head and everyone see also wanna pinch

This effect supposed to make your face look square. But Paulie came out looking fat. Hahahahaha~

This is the other fun effect we like. My face expression like: "Ah... my head's gonna explode" Hahahahaha~

Haha~ Yuyu looked like Goku lor...

And Paulie looked like some spastic big head kid

我的头发有没有乱? (Is my hair messy?)

The Siamese Twins

fish face...huhuhu~

The crazy trio
After that crazy time, the guys bathed and we all went over to Starbucks to go online and have some drinks.
I tagged along coz I just like to do so. Hahahahahaha~ But it was a wrong choice coz kena bully kao kao at the back of the car. Dahlah the backseat had so limited place. They tickle me like mad. Summore kena scold for laughing like hyena. T____T Why always kena bully from them???

If you're wondering where sinren went when I'm the victim of bully, well, as long as I'm not hurt or crying he will let them be. How bad... T____T
Here we see him chatting with CY nonstop about computers which I had little interest in. So guess what I did? I was chatting on msn with Paulie who was sitting on the next table. Hahahahaha~

Loving my digiman jacket and blue hearts earrings. Both bought from Sg Wang, my fave place to shop for cheap stuff :))

We stared at this at awe for five minutes before ending the night
I went back to the apartment being afraid that I couldn't sleep coz I had Java Chip. I couldn't sleep the last time I had it. So the guys told me if I can't sleep they will teman me coz they had coffee as well. Manatau I masuk bilik nie I sleep like a pig. Leaving my bf in the living room being afraid of ghosts. Hahahahahahahaha~ And Paulie couldn't sleep at all because of the coffee. HAahhahahahaha~
I think nothing can make me stay awake d lor nowadays. Coz too tired punye pasal.
K lah... finally finished posting day 1. Will be posting up day 2 real soon.

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