Friday, March 20, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Well if I am a celebrity...

I don't have to take photo of my whole self by myself ever like in this photo above again coz...

Many people would be dying to take photos of me coz I'm the biggest star
And a simple photo of me like this might end up in all geng fashion magazines like Mode (watching too much Ugly Betty punye pasal. Haha~)
I am so famous...

...even my legs are celebrities
People are dying to take photos with my foot even. Got that starstruck face summore. Hahahahahah~
If I am a celebrity, people would adore me so much that they paint my potrait as a mural of a whole condominium. My potrait would be 17 floors high. Fuiyoh! And the condominium would be called Dookie Tower with two blocks of tower, one is called block prinsezz and the other will be called block dookikie. Wahahahahah~ And of course I could not illustrate this in a photo coz it has not happen yet.

Well, that's not a dream actually. With Nuffnang Music Bash 2009, I could be a a celebrity for a night.

Nuffnang is having another hot party, the very first one of the year. This party is called Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 and you could find out all about it *here*.

The idea of the party is to dress as musician celebrities coz that's the dresscode and after few days of thinking I've finally decided who to dress as for the party.

I wanna be the hot and cold Katy Perry
I've been thinking about how to be a Katy Perry? And I came up with a plan on how to dress like her after researching on many of her photos (yes, I was supposed to be researching for thesis but I was doing otherwise @_@).

Katy Perry according to me by Dorcas Pang

She always had a headgear on her head. Be it a flower, a big bow, hairband...etc. There's sure to be something. So I seriously need to get a headgear to create the whole look.
Don't mind the sunglasses. I just drew it to copy the look in the photo above and also I'm too lazy to draw eyes. HAha~

She's always wearing a romper or a small top with super ultra short pants/skirts. And she had this thing with belts that I don't understand.
And oh her colour range is very bold like mixing yellow with purple, orange with blue...bla bla bla. You get the idea.
Gosh! I'm not such a bold colour person man... the only bold colour I own is erm... pink?

She likes to bare her long legs with ultra shorts (said earlier on) and she wear cute little colourful pumps or flats. And she wears socks with her pumps/flats. That's weird for me but if I wanna work her look, I gotta do it too.
Well that's all the research I've done on her. I've got quite lots of idea. Now I only get myself to the party that's all.
Nuffnang...please please pretty please. Let me go to your party my doom's day on 10th (hand in thesis day). I just wanna let loose.
Well, for those interested please check out this link and make sure you're a nuffnanger if you wanna join in (lots of prizes awaits).
Hope to see you guys there.


Finyx said...

this is a great post! hahaha!

very nice drawing of Kate Perry ;)

prinz @ prinsezz said...

haha~ Thanks.

Actually its not that nice hands cz I can't really draw hands. Lots of flaws here and there.


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