Monday, March 16, 2009

Lovely weekend...*heart*


Did you guys miss me? I don't think you guys do coz I've been blogging almost everyday without fail. Talking about busy man... Hahahahahaha~

Today I'm gonna post about my past weekend which I spend time breaking my legs into pieces with my darling. Okok. I went shopping with Sinren lah...

Me without makeup coz there's this brochure I saw a couple of days ago saying that there's this L'oreal roadshow in Sg Wang where you can get makeover and get your photo taken for free. So I wanna go there and get the whole thing done by pros.

Its not that I berangan wanna be a model ker apa la... Just that there's lots of things in life that I think I would love to give it a try. Just to see how pretty I can get. ^___^

But you know what? I went to their booth in Sg Wang only to find out that they only take photos and no makeover. So there I was without any makeup on and like a fool. Nobody even handled me a form to take the photo. T____T Damn sad ok???

Stupid brochure...lied!!! Never trust brochure again!!!

I painted my nails with pastel blue for the weekend. Nice?

I've decided that I must paint my nails more often. Just to make my nails more colourful and happier. No point but whatever... its my nails not yours. :P

Ok so we went to Sg Wang and before reaching our walk from Swiss-Garden Hotel (our bus stopped there) Sinren had a tummy ache and we went to Royale Bintang to let him ease it out. HAha~

Then we started the shopping. No photos coz I was too busy looking at clothes to care about pictures. And I didn't try on any clothes coz most of the clothes is Sg Wang cannot try. :S

Then when we reached the 1st Floor we were so hungry so we decided to go eat lunch.

Favourite place to eat in Sg Wang

Neney had not been there ever. So I've decided to show him that place.

This place needs no intro I guess? I've been there so often that you probably read about this place in my blog a thousand times.

We ordered the set that I always ordered whenever I was there. Coz its big and two can eat just one set. Can save lots of money and spend them on the clothes. :P

Fruit punch

Mixed of lots of stuff which I'm not really sure what. But its sour and kinda drink. :D

He didn't really like it 'tho

But he drank it also la... That's what I like about him. Not a drama bitch like me. Hehe~

I cropped this photo coz my bf was waving his hand vigorously in excitement coz he wanted to try the food in Zang Toi. Haha~ No lah... I don't know why he was waving his hand la... sampat I think. Hahahahah~

Hainanese Chicken Chop

I love this. Erm... I also love their Chicken/Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak. And Spicy Pasta. This three are the best and always ordered whenever I'm there.

The Chicken Chop is super crispy and have this very unique taste that I can't explain what. And there's mushroom gravy on it. Yum yum yum...

We also had Chocolate Banana cake with ice cream. No photos of it coz I forgot to take it. So sorry...

After finally getting only one item from Sg Wang (we walked all 6 floors but that's all we get :( ), we decided to go for window shopping in Pavilion. Of course we couldn't afford much of the things there so we only window shopped.

So manypeople took photo outside Pavilion so I decided that I should do it too. But my dearest darling took my photo without realizing that my eyes were closed. Rawr!!!! Geram... shall take another one when I'm there again.

Top: Junk Food tee from F.O.S

Skirt: Blue checkered skirt from DFO

Shoes: Adidas

Bag: Victoria's Secret

Same thing with walking 'round Pavilion, no photos taken. Coz I was awed with everything expensive. Haha~

Tried shoes in Guess. They were all so beautiful. Tempted to get two pairs coz they are selling RM240 for 2 pairs. Damn cheap. But the heels were too thin. I'm afraid I might break them after a few minutes wearing them. And there's this pair of Gladys which are so lovely that I nearly died there and then. T____T

Unexpectedly Sinren had more things that he wanted to buy. He wanted to get a Swaroski thing, a pair of pants from Zara, a pair of shoes from Zara... too many. But all dream only la... Haha~ Can only try and never get 'em. T____T


Oh ya! I bumped into one of my fave blogger at Pavilion but I was too shy to say hi. ^///^ I was a little star-strucked at the moment. She was so petite and pretty!!!

Camwhore while Sinren went to order food

And took many other nonsence la...

They asked to place at the edge of the table but what if the thing drop? -___- This is like one of the lamest thing that I was reasoning with my bf when I saw what they wrote.

This pickle reminds me of an episode of Spongebob Squarepants when this customer accused Krabby Patty for cheating his money coz they didn't put any pickle in his burger. Spongebob and Mr Krabbs was like afraid about this was going to cause their business to downfall but in the end somebody (I forgot who) found the customer hiding all the pickles under his tongue and saved Krabby Patty.

Yes Spongebob is damn lame. But me like... Hahahahahaha~

Was it obvious that both of us loved sour stuff?

We finished all the pickles even before the burger came. Wahahahahah~ Craziness.

The large meal's soft drink's cup was unbelieveable big

Yea~ It was my first time at Carl's Jr. So everything was so new to me.

I don't think I captured in picture how big the cup was. But it was big ok? I was like already full after drinking half the cup. HAahhaahha~

Their fries were unbelieveable as well. I don't know how they make them taste so good. And it was not so salty like other fast food joint's french fries. Seriously love their fries to the max.

There's even potato skin on it

So I guess Carl's Jr uses real potatoes then?

Wanted to show you guys the french fries that I love but not the ladies' head. And no I am not trying to hit the lady with the french fry.

After much waiting, the thing that I've been waiting for had arrived. *Mouth watering*

The burger we ordered

I have no idea why there's "Western" written on the burger coz we ordered Bacon Cheeseburger.

Compare this burger with the one at Wendy's

Pfft~~~ Buat malu aje, aunty Wendy.

Let me tell you what's in the burger to make you feel so bad that you've not tried Carl's Jr. It was damn worth it I tell you...

There's beef patty, chicken bacon, fried onion rings, cheese and some other stuff I can't remember. Haha~ Blame it on the goldfish memory.

The point is... Carl's Jr. burger is the best burger I've ever had (for the moment) and damn worth it. The only thing I hate about it is the commercial Paris did for them. *link*

Carl's Jr rock!!!

After that we decided to have desserts.

We wanted to have J Co donuts but the line was too long and I am not a patient person. :P So we tried something else.

We had Chewy Junior cream puffs

What's up with the "juniors" at the back of all these shop names? Why are the juniors doing all the work? What happened to all the seniors??? -____-

My cream puff kissing sinren's cream puff wtf

Actually we wanted to have Beard Papa's cream puff but I don't really like 'em. So we tried this one instead. Summore it was something new to see cream puffs with toppings.

This is mine

Not surprising I think coz its cream cheese topping.

The taste was like heaven ok? Imagine this... the topping is some how salty and the cream in the cream puff was sweet. Both taste add up together and its like heaven.

You have no idea how good it was until you try it for yourselves. I got Puff so wanting to try it that we're heading to Pavilion this Friday to have the cream puff. HAhahahahaha~

I forgot to post Sinren's cream puff but you can see the picture from above. Its lemon pie topping. DAmn good also. It was like sweet and sour together.

The only thing I don't like about the cream puff is the puff was not as crispy as Beard Papa's. If only they can switch and it'll be perfect.

I didn't wanna post this photo up coz Sinren would probably kill me but it was too hilarious not to post it up right? Hahahahahahaha~

I have no idea where he was looking at and why he smiled like that. Hahahahahaha~ Super funny lor....

You have no idea how exhausted I was by the end of the day

Then on the way back on the bus I was so bored so I started taking photos.

Sinren went back home and went back to UT coz of some stupid misunderstanding before this. :P

Esther spared me some of the flowers that her bf got her
Haha~ At least I've got flowers from someone. Darling Sinren... its been a long time since you last gave me flowers you know... *hint hint* HAhahahhaaha~
Ok now for the buys which are surprisingly very little this time. Hehe~

Have you heard of the biggest sale in La Senza? It was madness ok? La Senza was filled with people for the first time (Well, for me la...).
I bought two padded bras for only RM100 which is damn cheap k? DAmn cheap until I heard my roomie telling me that she got three non-padded bras for RM100. But whatever... 2 for RM100 is still early lor...
Anyways, no photos of the bra coz I'm shy...hehe~ But its both white la... quite boring.

Bought this cardigan from the RM25 shops in Sg. Wang (please ignore my fat thighs)
Had been finding for cardigans like this for a long time. Finally found it! Yay!
And there's a range of colours to choose from and I had so much trouble choosing the right colour coz we couldn't try it. Wanted to get pink but it was like too loud. So I settled with this banana yellow. Coz Paulie said dark people looked fairer in yellow. Is it true?

Well, that's all about the past weekend. It was quite tiring lor to be honest. But quite fun amd happy lah... Summore bought something that I like and something that I always wanted. :)
Anyways, its that time of the month again... Do you still remember what?
Before I go, darling Sinren...this is for you...

HAPPY 3 1/2 YEARS!!!

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