Monday, March 23, 2009

Me a Mean Girl???

If you guys realized I've already removed the bitching post before this. I guess after getting it thought over its none of my business. And I don't think I'm brave enough to stand up for anyone. I think I'm no more the mean girl that I was back in high school anymore. Or was I ever mean? Hmmmm~

Putting that aside, last Tuesday Yebaba and I went to Sing K at Neway 1U. Had some great fun but it was super tiring at the same time. Don't think I'll be able to do this for a long time. Sheesh~ I'm really getting old.

We were there early and our room is only ready by 1pm so we stood around and camwhored

Forgive the dark circles and untrimmed brows. Thesis has taken its toll on me. Nah~~~ its not la... I just got lazy.

And my fringe is so so ugly right now. Curls had been rooting out so its very unmanageable. I have no idea what to do with it. T____T Can't wait for the sem to be over so I can get a makeover again.

Yes this is the photo for this post but I did not take it on purpose. I just happened to be camwhoring and after uploading all these pictures into the lappie, I've got the idea for the post.
Speaking of pictures in my laptop, I need to get an external harddisk. Pictures and movies had filled up my memory space. :P
Yeba then suggested that we take photos like those we saw in Tongue in Chic or those mags who shows what street people are wearing.

Top: FOS
Giraffe Necklace with tiny bow: Sg Wang
Skirt with sequin: A boutique in Melaka called 180
Flats: Vincci
Bag: Victoria's Secret

HiFake top and bag: Bangkok
Jeans: I don't know where
Low Dunk shoes: Nike
Ok I know we super fail but it was fun. Haha~

I was taking a candid of Yeba when I realized that her lower legs are freaking thin. Like damn weird kind of thin. It makes her body like so weird right? I thought it was my camera's fault or my photography skills is like shit but she said her legs had been like this all her life. Wahhahahahahah~
Sorry to said this but with legs like this, Baba dear, you look like a camel. Haha~

I never did like my legs ever coz they looked so ugly. I have no idea why but they are just plain ugly. With the ugly veins popping out and stuff. Mum said it was because I stood up too much when I was younger. Yer... so ugly lor. Why the younger Dorcas likes to stand arh? Weird lor.

Doing the Channel V thingy
After being lame for 15 minutes we're finally let into our room. And it was the first time we were given a big room. ERm... maybe it was my first time la coz since Yeba was a karaoke freak. Haha~
I tell you I was damn shy k? I wanted to pee so badly so I went to look for a toilet outside my room. Walked around but couldn't find it. Then I saw one of the workers and asked her where's the toilet. Then she gave me a very funny look and told me: "Its in your room" OMG! I didn't know that it was in our room at all. Hahahahahahaha~ Tu lah... didn't check out the room properly. Hahahahahahaha~ So damn hilarious lor.
And the singing session starts.

Li Shan was super high that day and kept screaming like a mad school girl while singing her fave singer 方大同's song. Sorry I have no idea what's his name in English.
Look at her face man. It was all candid k? She didn't make that up for me to take. Hahahahahaha~ Damn got feelings arh...

While she sings, I enjoy my cup of Ribena. Slurps... its been awhile since I last had Ribena. And I have yet to try the Lemon added version. *Chin chin hai hai, chin chin hai hai* HAhahahahaha~

Then it was my turn to grab the mic ^ ^

At the end we sang most of the songs together coz before this some of the songs she chose I had not heard of ever (no radio punye pasal) and those I've chose she doesn't really know how to sing.
We recorded some videos of the few last songs that we sang. But it was a little too crazy to be uploaded. DAmn shy case lor.
OK lah... gonna end abruptly coz don't know what to say anymore. Haha~


耶芭 said...

crazy man, my pictures of singing are damn -____-||| loh... *freeze*

i'm not a camel~~(;__;)

n i wanna watch the videos!!

prinz @ prinsezz said...


I show you personally lah... I dont think those people reading my blogs wanna see our crazy act. Haha~

prinz @ prinsezz said...

And no you're not a camel. Just your legs. Wahahahaha~


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