Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My best friend's wedding!!!

My dear good friend John will be having his wedding dinner in July and I can't wait for it coz I can dress up. Woots!!!! And because I'm vain, I love to dress up. Hehe~

Weddings are the time when mama allow me to get new dresses. WAhahahahahahahaahah~ I love weddings for a reason. Wahahahahahahahah~

Ok I've gone crazy again. Stress punye pasal.

Anyways, I pre-ordered a dress. Yes, my second time buying something from the net. Are you proud of me yet? Hehe~

This is how the dress looks like...
Click to enlarge. Picture courtesy of this website.

Anyways, its a beige or white dress with lace details. I bought it coz I wanted something lady like and wedding-ish. And white is wedding-ish for me. So I bought this.

It only costs me RM30+. So happy!!!

Now I have to find all the right accessories to go with the dress.

Recently I've totally fallen in love with Chanel's quilted bag with chains. Like this...

SOrry I forgotten where I took this photo from. Don't sue me!!!

Don't you love the pink??? Its like perfect ok? I would kill to safe up money to get this baby. Please do support my Chanel bag's fund by clicking on the nuffnang's ad. You guys gotta help me man. I heard from Chooi Yin that the ori one is around RM10000+. Is it like true???? Please tell me if you guys know the price.

Ok, I've gone crazy again.

Anyways, I have enough money for the real deal. I've found this bag which is inspired by the exact bag.

Check this out...

Look alike right???? Photo courtesy of this website

So I decided to get it and use it as apart of my accessories for John's wedding. It goes with the dress right?

Look!!! So nice right????
Now all I gotta do is ask for the price and then place my order. A cheapskate fella like me will never pay for anything more than RM50. ^____^
Can't wait to get both of this (if I buy the bag lah...). Will post it up when I get it. Wait for it.
Anyways, John asked a few of us to perform on his wedding dinner. We've started planning and Jack said that I could play the bass guitar. Woots!!!! Haha~
For those who wanna know, I've started to learn bass guitar from Paulie for two classes d. I can memorize a few chords already and that day I played one song perfectly the other day. And tak sangka Jack asked me to play the bass guitar after listening to me play. Haha~
Of course I need more practising and need to how to play more styles coz now I can only play like one boring style.
Seriously can't wait for the wedding. I need to get a new pair of shoes, opaque tights and a bow or headband for my head. Wanna go for the whole wedding-ish look. Don't ask me what the hell is wedding-ish look. I don't know how to explain.
Ok lah... gotta go have lunch now.
Will update on the preparation for the wedding now and then. Apart from the band practice and me getting my clothes, I've also got a plan to look gorgeous on that day. Hint: Fcup cookie. Hahahahahaah~
See you guys soon.

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