Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Dearest March Babies...

I remembered two years back two very cute little girls asked me to go to Midvalley with them. Being still very lut-lut and not a shopaholic at that time, I decided to tag along because I wanted to eat lunch and also do something else. And I guess that started my love for going to Midvalley and shopping.

I always had the habit of going into sleepy mode after eating lunch. So going to shop after lunch was not an option for me. I would rather sleep. But these two fellas forced me to walk around with them for...one or two hours. And that day they trained me to be a very geng shopper.

They walked around FOS for hours...erm...it felt like hours la...and I didn't understand why they took so long shopping in such a small shop. And that day I became one of the biggest fan of FOS.

The afternoon was the start of our sweet little friendship. Two little girls who shared the same passion for shopping and also shared the same month of birthdays. :)

Esther was always the big sister. Almost always asking me to do things. HAha~ Not in a demanding way but in a soft way that made me kinda afraid of her.
She reminds me a lot of my mother and I guess that is why I respected her a lot.
She eats a lot but remains her lean body except for that little hump on her tummy.
She sleeps a lot and sleeps off at the fastest speed than anyone. Hahahahahaha~

Shiu Li is the elder sister but because of her size and name (小粒 xiao li means small one in chinese) we always take her as the little cuddly sister.
She's very soft-spoken and had never shouted at me at anytimes.
She's also a good listener who just listens to your stories with a smile.
She laughs at most of my jokes and is always super cheerful.

It was nice to known the both of them and I think its a blessing that I have such nice people living under the same roof.

Although the post is a bit late but I believe that its better late than never right?

So dearest March jie-jies,
Its been a good three years knowing you guys.
Tho its short but its compacted with lots of laughter, gossip and never-ending fun.
Thanks for being who you are coz that's what I like about you guys. Cheers!

Happy 23rd birthday!!!

The only photo of the three together in a shot

So gorgeous la the three of us...hahahahahahaha~

Just had their birthday celebration. Will post up the photos once I got them all from various sources. ;P


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