Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Niu Ze Xui

I have two good news to announce before I go on with the post.

  1. My darling Lee Min Ho won the award for Best New Actor for his role in Boys Over Flower. No idea what is Boys Over Flower? Educate yourself. *Link*

  2. My godma is finally getting married after a long run relationship with her bf, who proposed to her on the way down from Gunung Kinabalu. That's effing romantic. Show me the rock godma. I heard it was big, Haha~~

Ok back to the post...

Had anyone been to Niu Ze Xui at Ara Damansara?

I know this is like damn outdated coz like almost everyone had been there. I went there a few weeks ago but didn't have the time to post this up. Hehe~

What I wore...

Top: FOS

Shorts: Blu Sand of FOS

Giraffe necklace: Sg Wang

Bag: Victoria's Secret

I'm finally free from my no contacts rule. Yay!!! So happy~~~~

Went to the very famous and the place everyone is talking about, Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe.

I just realized I forgot to tag Chooi Yin in. Haha~ Sorry.

For those who don't know who this is, its Chooi Yin's sister

The menu came at a very fast speed. We sat for awhile nie the waiter brought it here. The service there was seriously not bad lor...

Why was I so interested in the menu that I had to take photos of it???? Check it out and I bet you wold love to take photos of it for remembrance as well.

The cover of the menu

So damn cute right? Imagine the whole menu filled with cartoons like this...

The whole place is like a fairytale island. Even the walls are filled with fantasy comics.

After ordering we had some time off to take photos coz frankly the waiter took quite long to bring our food. Alaa~ bring menu so fast for what? The most important is to bring the food to me fast coz your prinsezz here can't wait for food. Haha~

If you realized the first few photos there was this photo of Esther holding a DSLR right? Yea that's her bf's and thanks to her this post is filled with super pro photos. Muaks muaks my dear. Haha~

Look at how good the photos turn out. I think I've never looked so good in photos ever. Haha~ MEngampu coz I hope that she would take more photos of me in the near future. Haha~

Erm... Chooi Yin looked gorgeous all the time. The photos just enhances her beauty more. Haha~

Drinks came after like half an hour later. Ok I was just being drama. Hehe~ I think around 15 minutes lah...

Esther ordered this and it was good. It had a small hint of lemon and honey in the tea. Me likey. Regretted that I did not order this.

Didn't taste her drink but she gave me one longan which tasted like any other longan I tried before this. Haha~

My stupid drink which tasted like bitter tea. I don't know where the honey all went. Pfft~~~~ I hated it.

In every beverage that we ordered there's a cute stirrer for the drink. Like the ones I took in the photos above. Darn cute right? I had the urge to steal these home.

Ok now its time to look at the food...

I ordered this coz I recently had this weird rejection towards milky stuff like carbonara stuff. But this was not any thing good either. I couldn't finish it. Coz I don't think its nice and it made me felt jelak at the end. But then again I must admit that the seafood in it was quite fresh lah...

The rest of the food was a mystery to me coz I did not try any of them. But I think its quite normal nie lah... Nothing so special to the extend that I wanna go back to Fullhouse again lor...

Eddy and Esther both ordered Carbonara Spaghetti (I finally know the correct spelling. Damn shy (^///^)) but one had beef and the other had chicken.

Look at how detailed the DSLR had made this shot. Me love it. Maybe one day I will own one of my own. But i have no idea why I want it for so nah...maybe not.

Chooi Lian looked so emo in this shot so I added effects to intensify her emo-ness. ^-^

Ooo~ I look so gorgeous la in the lense of the DSLR. Maybe that is why I like it so much. Haha~

Just found this effect and its called comic strip effect. Does this look like a comic strip with that effect. Erm...

Three beautiful housemates :)

After finishing our meals, we walked around Fullhouse. I must say that the shopowner did put in lots of effort in decorating that place. It was gorgeous. Even better than the food they serve.

The "living room"

The whole place is supposedly to be decorated according to the theme Fullhouse, which was the Korean drama that I was once so crazy about. But as a big fan, this Fullhouse is nothing like the original house. Maybe just the colour theme suits lah...

Oh and most of the things used to decorate the place is for sale.

Then we continued upstairs which was said to be the place they are selling clothings.

Do you see a little sewing machine? DAmn cute la the decorations there. :)

Chooi Lian and Chooi Yin with a very famliar ah poh at the back

The whole concept of the upstairs is like a bedroom. So comfy, so nice, so white. It was almost like a dream room for me...

Welcome to my bedroom...(tak malu betul)
I really like the whole white theme lor. Eventhough I love pink to bits and that is how my room is (all pink) but I would prefer the room to be all white. And the bed is perfect.

I like the bedsheet and I can so imagine both sinren and I lying there wtf. Haha~

My baby's bed
Looks like the one in some old Victorian inspired movies.

The wardrobe area...the bigger side is for my clothes and the smaller one is for sinren. Hehe~
This is actually where they put the clothes that are for sale. Great idea right? And I think the "toilet" beside it is the fitting room or something lah...

Such a nice ambience to have your meals in right?
I would love to go back to Fullhouse. If only they have more choices to their food and they tasted a little more better. Or else its just a pretty normal cafe with nice decorations. I would say that food at Zen was better than theirs without alll those fancy decorations.

After leaving fullhouse, we went to walk around Niu Ze Xui. There's this some sort of bazaar like stalls everywhere. But the things they sell are almost alike. So its pretty Zzz~~~~

Few months before this there was a thing called Festive Fun-tasy at Niu Ze Xui. It was basically a fair with some Disney lifesize figurines there for you to see and take photos with. The fair ended on 15th February. I know the date because I was bitter that no one brought me there during the fair. There was both Lilo and Stitch lifesize figurine during the fair ok? And Stitch's lantern summore. Damn sad...
Anyways, there was a few of the figurines left there and I took pictures of it.

The sknnier version of my dad. Hahahahahaha~

Sigh~ I can't wait to go to Disneyland to take photos with all these cute characters in real life.
I know how sucky Hong Kong Disneyland is but its the only Disneyland that is within my reach for the moment.
I've decided not to go to both Bangkok and Hongkong this time but postpone it further to the end of the year. Its gonna be either Hongkong or Taiwan coz I wanna get the feel of coldness.
This time's holiday is going to be local. Yay!!! Hahahahahaha~~~~
Ok lah... gotta go do thesis d.
Meeting advisor tomorrow.

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