Thursday, March 12, 2009

The past weekend


Finally able to blog something after a very stressful morning. Spend the whole morning rushing my thesis and getting all worried that my advisor was going to throw the thesis at my face. But in the end didn't see him. Sigh~~~ at this rate I think I'll really die young lor.

Better blog to destress la or else you might never see me again.

Here's some backdated photos of what happened last week.

Last last Saturday (or is it Friday?) Sinren dear went to get the haircut.

And I love it!!!

His previous haircut looked like some homeless man from tak tau mane. Haha~

But this new haircut needs to be style often coz if he doesn't he looked like a flat hair kid. Hehe~ Like a kid...damn cute kinda kid.

So cute I wanna die ;P

Anyways, the reason why he got a haircut its because he's taking a school picture on Thursday.

UTAR final year students have to get the photos taken so that they could display 'em on their convo. Once their names were announced, the photos will be display. So cun right? Why UM so offbeat one? Why other uni's so nice one??? I also want my photos to be on the stage when I'm taking my cert.

This is what my baby wore for his school picture

Damn yeng right? He should wear like this more often la. The shirt he wears beneath his rented coat was bought by me *link* Damn proud yo!!!

If only he smiled in this photo, he'll look better :)
On the same Thursday he had his photo taken, I was nearby at Jaya One having lunch with Mel and Li Shan. And we had Wendy's!!!

They have this set which only cost RM6.99. It has a main meal with a soft drink and nuggets. In this picture you see the potatoes with sour cream as the main meal with our Sprite. That french fries was added after paying a ringgit extra.

I like Wendy's french fries coz they're bigger and crispier compared to other fast food chains

Not so keen about the potato with sour cream. Nothing special about it.
Then a nightmare came. We actually ordered two set of the cheap set thingy. One of it is the sour cream potato and the other is cheeseburger.

Here comes the burger in its wrapper

Open up the wrapper and the burger is about the size of your palm. Bah! DAmn small!!!
I think I complained about this last year when I went to Wendy's with my darling *link*. But I didn't realize how small it was until that day.
We open up the burger and found out that...

Can you see that the beef patty is even smaller than the cheese? WTF?????
Now I know why its called Cheeseburger coz its more cheese compared to the beef. -____- Pfft!

Next was the nuggets which came really late...

Coz I think they were too small that the workers couldn't find them. Haha~
Really damn small lor... See how they are dancing in the box or not. Isk!

It was only slightly bigger than my nipples. Hahahahahahaha~
Sorry yer... I like langsung tak jaga my image coz totally gone crazy d this few weeks.
But to compare right? The nuggets tasted better than the burger. It was small but at least it was filled with lots of meat unlike McD's nuggets which is like only 40% meat with 60% flour. Tsk tsk tsk~~~~ damn lousy la...
I think I said that I won't be back to Wendy's when I went there the first time right? I wanted to give them chance but they spoiled it. Sigh~~~ I guess its never going there again...

Random photo of me before falling into a slumber
WAnted to boast about my tired but big eyes. Hehe~
I think this was the day that I wanted to go back to Melaka but Sinren said we will go back the next day. I got pissed and didn't wanna do anything but sleep.
Then after that Friday I was back in Melaka already.

This dress was bought by Fay for my birthday last year. I liked it a lot because of its colour but the haven't got a chance to wear it.
It was quite loose before this and was not that nice on me. But I think after my putting on weight plan succeed, I could wear it nicely. :)

Did I tell you guys that I love halter backs?
Yea, I'm like obssessed with halters since I was in high school. After the tomboy period that is. HAha~
If I hadn't done this, Fay... thank you so much for the dress. I love it!!!
Then I tried layering the dress with a tee on top coz its like the models in Vivi magazine favourite thing to do.

Looks weird lor. Maybe the dress doesn't go with the top lor. Will try this more often. Experiment experiment.
On Saturday afternoon before going for band practice, Mama brought me back to the place we used to stay last time to eat Japanese food.
This Japanese place is actually a house turned into a shop la... When we was staying there, I went there for a couple of times. But after we moved, we didn't care about the shop and even thought that it closed down.
But instead the place became very popular and has lots of new business not only in the kampung but spreaded into the town d. Geng right?

They even have a menu now
Last time less food were offered. Now two sides of a A4 paper was filled. Amazing!

Free flow green tea! Good good good!!!

Mum ordered this
I forgot whether its mackarel bento or the other fish bento. Haha~ Please excuse my bad goldfish memory.

Very fresh!!!

Mashpotato which was not as good as mine :P *uber not shy*
Overally, mum's bento was good. But could add up more things to the bento lah. Then people will think its more worth it lor right?

This is what I always ordered since the first time I was there, Unagi Don
Guess I'm just so loyal. Haha~ No lah... coz I really like it a lot lor. Its damn nice. The unagi/eel is really really fresh. Summore its damn cheap lor...

Unagi my love...
Can't wait to go there again and order the same thing again. Hahahahhahahah~
Something that has got nothing to do with the food there...check out the cute utensils...

The spoon's so happy to see me. XD
Anyways, we also ordered tempura but forgot to take the photo of it. But I can tell you the vegetables was awesome. They need to do better for the prawn.
I'm super picky about tempura coz I have not tried the best just yet. But Sushi King tops the list. Anybody got any suggestions?
Last but not least...

The boss gave us Ocha ice cream for free because of old neighbours relationship punye pasal. Hehe~
DAmn contended lor. Will be checking the other foods soon la. Can't wait to go there again!!!
On Sunday, I was so lame that I took my jacket and wrap 'em round my head... Zzz~~~~

Lame I know... Paulie said he got sick of me keep putting my clothings on my head. :P I like la... Why you care?
Then after kena scold by the ass, I change my victim to my mother at the choir practice. She was practising and I was kacau-ing her to take camwhore photos with me. Hehe~

OMG!!! I'm seriously looking more and more like my dad!

Mama like serious nie. Haha~ I pulak don't wanna sing at all. Wakakakakaakka~
Well, that's my weekend. Actually there are other photos but they are in my camera. Wait till I charge my camera and upload them la k?
Now before I go off and do stressful's my cute little daddy.

This is his caller ID in my phone. Super hilarious. Everytime he calls I burst into crazy laughter. Hahahahahahahahah~
Ok lah...
See you guys in the next post.

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