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Genting Day 2

Lu la la~ I'm in midst of the last battle of survival. Its either I not finish my thesis, die and not grad this year or finish my thesis, live on and grad with pride. So if I don't update too often, please don't give up on me.
Anyways, the post above had been removed coz I was like the dumbest people alive. People asked to post at the Music Bash secara live and permalink to Nuffnang. But I didn't do it. So that post is a waste. So I decided to remove it. Erm... I know you guys don't get what I meant. So...never mind la.
So here's the rest of the Genting Trip's photos...
In the morning we had a short praise and worship and also a small sharing session by CY
Then Sinren, Sheene, alex, Kelvin and I head down to the theme park to have some good fun.
I tell you we all damn sueh lor. Coz the moment we bought the tickets to the theme park, it started raining. But we still insisted to go in. Nothing was open. So we decided to play something only old people like my parents would play...antique car. Hahahahaa~
While queueing up
I think because its raining so everyone decided to take the antique car. The queue was pretty long.

MAkeup-less coz the day before punye makeup too thick and also lazy wanna paint face

Neney driving the antique car so I could camwhore
Yuck!!! My hair looked so frizzy.

Wei wei and I could team up and form the hairclip duo. Haha~

Kacau-ing neney while he drove
He looked super grumpy coz he was unhappy that it was raining and made him not able to go play. Haha~ Like small kid nie.

He tak layan me :S

Wanted to take all three of us in the photo but failed

Succeed but neney was not looking coz the rain stopped and he was shouting at the people in front of us to hurry up so that he could go faster. Hahahaha~

I annoy him more by taking photo all the way to the rides. Hahahaha~
You couldn't blame me really. Coz the phonebooth was so colourful. Me like colourful things. :D

Wei wei
The first ride we played was Go Kart. And Wei wei didn't wanna go for it. So she took photos for us.

Do you recognise who is who?

I think I was at 3rd or 4th place
I was initially quite afraid of driving go karts coz I've heard stories of people kena buang off track and stuff like that. Neney assured me that as long as I drive slowly nothing will happen. Manatau my "slow" was faster than him. He was last. Haha~
Oh ya. Before it rained heavily and before driving the antique car, we went on the Spinner. Of course no photos coz the camera would have spinned off.
Other rides we took that we couldn't take any photos: Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Sungai Rejang Flume Ride and Euro Express.
My favourite has got to be Rejang Flume Ride. But we were all wet after ride. Wet till the shoes k? That's how I kena my flu and cough. But it was all the fun's worth. :D
I don't know if I was immune to all the roller coaster. Coz it was like riding very fast trains nie. Nothing scary like last time. I was like looking around and occasionally screaming for the fun of it. Maybe we didn't go on Cyclone la... it was spoiled. - _ -

After sending Seene off to the bus terminal coz she's taking the bus back to Melaka, we went to the boating area and saw some fella spinning very vigorously in the middle of the lake. Like some sort of weirdo havinf fun on his own. After looking properly it was actually my brother having the time of his life trying to figure how fast the bumper boat could go. = =
Yes, that's him I circled in red.
Sinren and I didn't try the bumper boat coz the queue was too long. Instead we did boating which was much more relaxing.

I was directing the boat while Sinren was pedalling and taking photos

My jacket looks damn weird with this top but no choice coz I don't have another matching jacket T___T

This was on display outside of Ripley's Believe it or not. And its real human by the way.

Before leaving, we sat on the lamest ride which was Rio Floats. Coz I wanted to be romantic with sinren. But bro Alex had to follow us around coz we didn't want him to get lost. -___- Damn potong stim.

This photo made me lost an interest of being all mushy with him on the ride. Very the = =

I had a hunch that he's seeing someone but then again he has too much peminat so its not big deal when he's sms-ing all the time
After we left the theme park, CY brought us to this very nice place (which I already know of actually) to look at nice greenery and get the last cold air before leaving for good.

This is what I call greenery

It was damn cold so I needed to put up the hood

Took my camera to camwhore. Tak tahan betul
But he was so kind to fetch us back and all. Thanks bro... hug hug hug.

Kacau him while he camwhored :P

LAst pic before leaving
I slept all the way down to KL coz was too tired. When I opened my eyes again, we were already on the way to dinner at The Curve.

Missed the weather back at Genting once I step out of the car. Damn hot wei KL.

Paulie was in Jacy's car and we met up in Kl to have dinner with all of them before they return to Melaka. I miss them a lot now. T____T

Two very ugly photos of bro and I

I love this photo a lot. Its not that nice in any way but I like it

My other bro and I

Best friends since young

The three of us

Drama queen at the presence of food
We were at TGIF btws.

Trying to compete drama-ing with me, bro? You're far behind league. :P

The only food that I found tasty at TGIF that night, fried mac and cheese
Wanna try making this on my own. Anyone with the recipe?

Paulie represented us to boo TGIF for their lousy service and food
Just wondering is TGIF that lousy? I mean I've been there years ago. The food was nice. How come it turned out to be so bad? Is it only this branch's food and service sucks?
After dinner, the MAlaccan returned and the rest of us went to jalan2 at Sunway Pyramid till late. And that ended our wonderful trip.
I still miss Genting a lot. Not of the place la. Of the company and the fun I had there with them. Can't wait for the next trip together. Plan people, plan.

Whenever I miss the fun I had, I walk to the balcony and look at the faint lights of Genting faraway
Yes, that's the view of Genting from my place dearest all. I was not lying. Click to enlarge.
So do come and look at Genting from my place. The view here is awesome at night. Trust me.
Ok lah...
That's all.
Gotta go sleep d. Damn tired.
Next post will be up when I'm free la...
Probably photos from Nuffnang Music Bash which was also a blast.
See you guys soon.

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