Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm back...

Hello dearest all...

I am back for good. Did you guys miss me????

And yes, I had finally finished my thesis!!! PRAISE THE GOOD LORD THAT I'M FINALLY DONE!!!

To celebrate my come back, I'm going to post funny photos of my bf coz he had made me real mad few days ago.

He wore "formal" to my house coz he respect all the dates we have wtf. Hahahahahaha~

The "bow tie" worn on his collar was the one that I wore as a headband to the Music Bash.
So hensem la you neney... Hahahahahahaah~

Wah... like this lagi nice. I knew he looked nice with a bow on his head for a long time d. To be precise, since Chinese New Year.

Now that's for being not romantic Liow Sinren. Don't mess with the prinsezz. Hmph!!!!
More posts coming up from this day onwards. Stay tune.
Bubbye for now. NEed to go photostate and bind my thesis.

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