Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Due to thesis I wasn't able to sleep and that explains why I am still awake at 6.45am. No its not that I woke up early. Its that I didn't sleep a wink T___T.
And guess what I did when I can't sleep?

I went to cut off my long fringe on my own

And now I look like a retard. T_____T Why am I so stupid????

Please tell me I do not look like a kid coz I felt like a kid looking at myself now. T_____T That's not a good thing you know... I wanna look like a grown up. T_____T

I wanna look hot like how I did when I had long fringe and side parting (tak malu) long will it take to go back to how it looked like before??? T_______T
But then with this fringe I looked quite cute right? Hehe~~~~ Lagi tak malu.
I think I need to straigthen my fringe ASAP!!! Coz eventhough it looked quite good in pictures, its like shit actually. T_____T
This is what insomnia can do to a normal person. I totally regretted that I picked up the scissors and got snipperty snip. T_______T
*screams* HELP ME AUNTIE NIKA!!!!
oK...I've officially gone crazy.
First thing to do in the morning>>>> Call Auntie Nika and book time to straighten and save my fringe. T_____T
People, please pray that I get some sleep now coz I'm gonna need one coz the battle is still on. T_____T
This is a meaningless post. Sorry for wasting your time.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the pic u covered ur mouth.. Damn funny lar dookie hahaha!! Not as in ugly funny, but its the cute innocent girl funny hshahahah!



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