Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Dissertation


Sorry it took me so long to update again. Coz the line is like shit ok? Wanna upload to photobucket also damn susah.

Anyways...on the day I hand in my thesis, it was a mixture of happiness and I felt so touched. The moment the aneh (brother) gave me the hard cover version of my thesis, I saw the golden letters on the thesis, I was near to tears. You guys have no idea how much tears and sweat I've put into it.

Here are the photos of my housemates and I sending in our thesis to the office. Super excited nie... Haha~

Chooi Yin and I...over-excited kao kao. We were almost like running to the office to send in our thesis. Wahahahah~

Shiu Li's thesis

Chooi Yin's thesis

Didn't take Esther with her thesis coz she was settling things before this. Just one of her with her thesis.

And presenting to you, my thesis. Got glow summore wtf.

Nama yang bersinar-sinar. Hahahahhahahaha~

Aiyo... dont know why I can't let people to take my photos. I look like spastic right in these photos right?

Mucho better :)

K la... That's all for today...

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