Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A new phase in my life


Did you guys miss me?

I know...there had not been updates. Coz I was busy moving back to Melaka that's why. And for those who like to know, I'm already back in Melaka bumming around. Woots!!!

Anyways, just to inform you guys, there will be lots of wordy posts for the time being with no photos at all. Coz you guys probably remembered all the times I complained about my lousy line in Melaka right? Well, I'm gonna get Streamyx but its gonna take some time la. So please bare with all the wordy posts. Better than no posts right?

Ok now for updates what I've been up to.

Well, I returned to Melaka on Monday night. Found out that my dad had an infection on his neck due to some insect bite he got while playing golf. Its kinda digusting and at the same time very sad to look at. He's also sick: down with cough and fever. Currently very weak... poor dad. And mum's getting better from her sick too. Sigh~ the weather's at its worst. Hopefully everyone doesn't get sick ya.

Then on Tuesday I went to meet up with my piano teacher, Miss Soon. I'll be starting my diploma lessons with her soon during May. Super excited. I also have another good news but its not confirmed yet so I'll keep the suspense till its very confirmed. ;P

I'm currently re-vamping my room coz since I'm gone to KL its like dead and just like the guest room next door. Clearing out my closet and throwing out some old clothes that I think I've no longer into. Will be selling them online so if you're interesting keep posted in this blog. Actually I have a second hand goods online shop but doesn't profit anything coz its erm...doing any business. Haha~ well, my clothes are not really that interesting i guess. Haha~ Anyways when I get my Streamyx I'll show you guys my new room la...

I have yet to meet anyone back home but I will soon. Starting from Friday I think?

Darling, if you're reading this, I miss you my fatty ney. Faster finish your exams and come back to sayang sayang me. Muaks!

Ok ignore that last line. *shy*

Till next wordy post.


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