Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I would miss Part 2- Crazy Sleepless Nights

After thesis ended, to safe my terrible skin, cucumber soothing mask is needed.

My housemates love doing mask together-gether. Like for example, if Chooiyin starts (most of the time), Esther will do, then Shiu Li, then maybe me. Haha~ I'm the laziest.

One night Chooiyin did mask for all of us. It was the first time me letting someone other than my mum to touch my face. Coz I'm really insecure about my face's condition. I don't want people finding out about it. ^///^ Anyways, thanks to her, I found out that I need lots of hydration mask coz my face is as dry as the surface of moon. She also said that I need to drink more water, do more purifying to the face and scrub more often. Wow, she's like a dermathologist. HAha~

One night, Esther, Shiu Li and I couldn't sleep at 4am even after thesis. Maybe our body got used to waking up at that time. So we ate maggie mee together and took photo of Shiu Li brushing her teeth. HAha~

Wah! Got ghost. Haha~ Actually I wanted to take Esther sneaking on Shiu Li. Manatau Shiu Li already came out of the toilet. HAha~
Experimenting on the lighting effect on Photoscape. Quite fun. Haha~ Nice not the photos?

Me preparing the holy ground wtf. Hahahahaha~ For those who didn't know, out of seven days of a week, I sleep in the living room for two or three days. Coz its damn windy out in the living room and also I sleep very late so I don't wanna wake my room mates when I enter the room.

The said holy ground. Haha~ And stop laughing at my matress cover and say hello to Tuki and Nini (the Stitch).

My very messy study corner after thesis. It still looks like this now. Haha~ Lazy to clean it up. But better la... Coz I kept somethings into the luggage d. T____T

Shiu Li still not being able to sleep at 4.30am. Haha~ Actually she slept but Esther and I were talking quite loudly in her room and woke her up. And she's not being tired in this photos. She doesn't want me to take her photo.

Esther's death stare. So scared I'm peeing. Wakakakakakkakaka~

Love birds. They are Chooiyin's. Pretty obvious that they are chip and dale but she named them something else. I forgot what. I think chocky or something.

Ugly Betty. Haha~ Chooiyin said I looked like Ugly Betty with my fringe and specs. True right? AHah~ I thought so too.
We finally went to sleep near at 5am.
Sigh~ times I would miss so much. Who else would do crazy things with me when I'm back at Melaka? The cicaks perhaps? T____T
Dearest Esther, Shiu Li and Chooiyin, I will miss you guys so so much...

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