Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Actually on the previous post I wanted to say some gratitute to some people that helped me thru my thesis but I've forgotten.

Well, most of the people that I wanna thank is already in the acknowledgement part of my thesis but there are a thousand other people that I had forgotten to thank.

The first and the most important person I forgot to thank is...well, He's not a quite a person la. I forgot to thank God in my thesis. Can you believe that? I mean... without His guidances and blessings and care, the thesis could not be completed.

Mum scolded me for forgetting but then I mean if my heart is filled with gratitute is enough right? I mean God looks at our hearts not what we do.

Of course next is my parents la... who nags non-stop, which is for my own good.

The next most important person is one of the people that I admire and respected the most, Pastor Phang, who is my informant. She helped me through a lot, a lot. Answering all my questions with patience. Even if she couldn't, she'll help me search online. I mean its not easy to get her coz she's in Taiwan you see. I have to wait for her to get online which is not all the time coz she had her classes and her things to get busy with.

Then there's Anis my advisor, who helped scolding me wtf. No la... he did help also la. At the last hours. Oh. I didn't tell you guys about the time he scolded till I cry. Well, to be honest I don't remember the details but he was like really harsh on words. And I was tahan-ing very hard not to cry. Then at last when I couldn't tahan anymore, the tears flow out uncontrollable like tap water. And I started shivering furiously. Even I got a shock with myself. Now thinking back its really funny.

Next is the bf who helped out a lot. Taking photos and videos, help with the interviews, follow me around to Glad Tidings and walk in the hot sun...etc. So much more. And the thing that matters is his support. *Muaks*

Next are my many to name. Jacy, Paulie, CY, Jack, Shieh Ling especially CY (the guy, not the girl CY) who helped me proofread the thesis. Oh CY, my advisor asked who read my thesis, I told him "Kawan yang BM dia baik". HAha~

LAst but not least all the other people who my housemates and Li Shan. My housemates: Esther, Shiu Li and CY were the people who forced me to work hard coz they are working so hard. And it was fun spending night burning the midnight lamp with them. And Lishan who been there to calm me down before seeing Anis. He scares the shit out of me. Haha~

Thanks everyone. Hug hug hug hug hug.

Will post more pictures next time 'round.

See you guygs...


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