Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Its 2.30am right now and I'm sitting here typing away on my laptop while thousands of worries clouded my mind.

I'm really tired actually. I felt like just throwing everything and rush to bed this instance but I can't coz tomorrow I'll be seeing my advisor. I had already failed to finish up the whole thesis to let him check. So at least I gotta finish up my chapter 3. Sigh~~~ I hate stressful times.

I think I'm not well. As in sick you know. Something terrible. Like fatal. No, its not a April's Fool's joke coz its over. But that's just my thought la. Doesn't everyone think that they are dying once in awhile? But I hope what's in my thought will not happen la.

Then there's this other thing. Should I tell her now? Or should I wait till the end? Is that cruel? Sigh~ I wish I know what to do.

Semester is coming to the end this week. Honestly I can't wait but at the same time sadness crawls up slowly.

Sigh~~~ I better get back to that shit.

Chaoz people.

Have a good night sleep.


To all those battling at the same time and is still up at this hour, GAMBATTE!!!!

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