Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Stupid line made my blogging life so difficult.

You know what happened to the post below? One of the photos is missing right? Okay la... that has nothing to do with the line. The story is I accidentally deleted my photos from photobucket. Then I had to re-upload la. But don't know why the second photo doesn't show. Hmph! Never mind la. All I have to do is faster blog and hopefully the post will go to second page and nobody noticed wtf. Haha~

Then there's this problem with re-sizing. I'm really sure that I resized like 10 thousand times (drama-ing le tu...) but I have no idea why the photos for this post is so freaking huge. Sigh~ Don't know la... I must get more jobs so that I can pay for the streamyx myself. Waiting for his permission is like waiting for taugeh tree to grow in one day. So frustrating.

Anyways, the other day mama brought me shopping at Jusco. Yay! Actually there's nothing to shop in Jusco la... Waiting for the megamall which they are still building. Zzz~ Hopefully it'll be betther la...

My favourite shopping spot in Jusco is... the toy section. Haha~ Surprising? I don't know why I love to look at toys especially stuff by Disney.

I love looking at the shelf selling Tomy for Disney stuff because Tomy's stuff are the cutest. Then I come across this blue box which says...
Dollcena. Hawaiian harmonies.

It was a product imported from Tokyo Disneyland.

So cute right the doll? Looks like those blythe dolls which was something I wanted to get but found it useless so didn't.

I was wondering big time why is the doll wearing blue when its hawaiian harmonies. Well, yea the flowers round the waist indicated about Hawaii but the clothes does not. Hawaiian theme should be like with a bikini right?

It took me like a few minutes to only realize that the doll was wearing a Stitch costume. -_- But it was damn cute. I secretly wanna get it. Had been hinting Sinren and all he said was: "Buy for what?" T____T Why is my bf so mean? Doesn't he know that I collect Stitchie stuff?

Anyways, Dollcena is also available in other styles. She wears Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse (why not minnie?) and some violet princess costumes. All damn damn cute. If only its not that expensive I'll get all four.

On Tuesday, I went to observe a Musikgarten lesson. It was kinda fun. I've been thinking to take the course and help out Miss Low (the only teacher for Musikgarten in Melaka). But the course is too freaking expensive. With that amount of money I could have bought an LV. Haha~ But its in consideration 'tho.

Cough is still bad and I've been very careful and tried to heal as soon as possible coz the housemates are coming to visit me this weekend. Whee~ And bf will bring me out this Saturday. Double whee~ As for mum and dad, mum had fever and is not getting better coz she ate the wrong dosage of meds. cAn you believe it? Haha~ Dad is slowly recovering.

The rash on the hand is recovering too. No more itch. Went to the doctor and he gave me pills and cream to apply. The pills are like sleeping pills k? I ate one and slept the whole afternoon. Haha~

K lah... That's all for today.

See you guys soon.


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