Friday, May 8, 2009

Falsies...I've tried 'em

Many people complimented on my eyelashes and yes, they are my biggest pride apart from my eyes. And I thought I didn't need any help from fake eyelashes or better know as falsies. But I was so wrong.

I have very long and curly eyelashes. Many people told me that they thought I had falsies on and maybe that is why I thought I didn't need falsies. But one thing that many people didn't realize that I lack is volume. My eyelashes are too little compared to Sinren's. Yes, his eyelashes are like erm...broom? Haha~

So after reading Yebaba's post about eyelashes and watching this tutorial video on youtube, I decided to buy some falsies and try it out myself.

The result was really satisfying. It made my makeup more dramatic and my eyelashes was like effing thick. Me likey it very very much!!!

For comparison, look at this. Right eye is the one with fake eyelashes and mascara while left eye is without anything. Do you see the right one looked nicer compared to the left one? And some said my eyes looked even bigger. Erm... I felt the same la...

Sorry bout the face. I don't know why is it like this. Haha~

Very happy with the results!!!

Don't ask why I looked like I'm pissed coz I don't know why. I was pretty sure I was not angry at that time. Maybe bored la...

See how thick it is. I felt like Marilyn Monroe. Haha~

Here is a picture of me without any makeup.
As you can see I don't really need any falsies right. But it was fun trying it out and new things make me reallty excited.
Will continue to use falsies but not that often coz its quite fussy la. But fun.
Those who are interested could check out the tutorial video and try it out on your on. Face shop has a wide range of eyelashes that are under RM10 or you can go to hot market to try those cheaper ones.
And as for the video I linked for you guys is a very good one. You guys should check out her other tutorials as well. She teaches people how to do various makeup. There's one under Superheroes series which is quite cool. Oh she also teaches about nail art and stuff. Do check it out and subscribe to her.
So till next time people. Gotta go get a shower coz its Youth Fellowship tonight. Neney is back!!! Yay!!!
See you guys next week I guess coz I'll be busy over the weekend with work, pat toh and road trips.
Love you guys...

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