Friday, May 22, 2009

Learning to be better for each other

Sinren and I had a teeny argument which is actually erm... counted big also la wtf. And it made me not wanting to post this until today.

Happy 3 years and 8 months, Sinren dear. Sorry for the terrible weekend. I'll try to be better and not ask for more. I love you...

Apart from all that mush, here's something funny I saw while re-vamping the prinsezz room.
The first photo we took together as a couple

And the horror of it. Hahahahahha~

Sinren looked totally like an apek and his hair is disastrous. What was I thinking wtf. Hahaahahaha~ He totally changed. His hair is much better after four years. And thanks to his vain-ness that grew to peak, his skin is much better. And too bad he's fatter now. Wakakaakakak~ =p

As for myself, I was so thin compared to now. I definitely put on more weight but no I am not fat!!! I like my gold-ish hair color in that photo but no I will no go back to that coz dark colour rocks my socks now. Let's not go to my dressing at that time coz its....just yuck. Hahahahhah~

One more look coz we can never get back to this

But sorry for the bad quality. Taken with the phone when I didn't know I could resize using photoscape. = =

K la... short post today. Resume road trip tomorrow.


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