Monday, May 4, 2009

Teacher Dorcas


Did you guys miss me again? Sorry for the MIA again coz the line is like shit. So I really don't feel like going online. Talked to dad about Streamyx and all he said was..."Hmmmm...." Super annoying ok? Didn't he know that I couldn't leave without going online? Well, don't care. Gonna bug him till he gets sick of me. Wahahahahaha~

Anyways in the last post I said that I had a good news but couldn't say anything yet coz its not confirmed. Well, darlings... it had been confirmed and I got a job. Yay! To those who said that I couldn't get a job...Booyah! Currently working on the weekends at this music center in Jasin, which is like 15 mins drive from my house. On Saturdays I have 8 students and on Sundays 4. Last week was my first day and things had been going well. :)

Then yesterday went to interview at Piano House, another music center. Its at Pandan Malim, much further from my house but its ok coz its near my dad's office, my bf's place and Paulie's place. Can stop by one of those places anytime. :) Oh and yes they are hiring me. Once they set out the timetable I'll start work. Then I will not only work on weekends but also on weekdays. Yay!!!

Well I actually didn't wanna start work so early. Maybe 'round July. But... I guess earning a little money is better right? Summore there's lots of plans that needs money. So better start earning and saving la right?

Apart from mum and dad, I'm also sick. Yay! New member to Club Sick wtf. Haha~ Had a terrible headache on Sat but had to work so pretended nothing happen. Then at night it became very bad and on Sun I was having fever and sorethroat. Today, fever gone but sorethroat became cough. T_T

I miss everyone back in KL. I mean my friends la... Chooi yin, Shiu Li and Esther and Yebaba... And of course my neney... Some nights I cry myself to sleep missing them. T___T But have no fear they will be here. Chooiyin, Lili and Esther will be here on Sunday for the beginning of our housemates' road trip. Neney will be back on Wednesday. Yay!!!

Ok la... Wanna go lie down d. Dead tired.


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mel said...

oh like that la.. miss everyone la..but me.. din mention my name also.. hMmphh! nvm ...


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