Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grads Suprise Dinner

Its me. Back again. How many still come and check me out everyday angkat tangan wtf. Haha~

Anyways, I'm practicing band again at Paulie's. Had been here for few days now. I've been thinking about moving here since I'm becoming best friends with his baby brother. Haha~

Will get streamyx in August. So please bare with it till then and I'll be back to normal blogging. Love me then stay with me.

Here's the photos of a quite recent event of the gang...

I was late because.... I was late wtf. So Deeps took this ugly mulut senget shot of me. -___-

This thing that Deeps, Puff and Sim (I think) planned was a surprise dinner for us who are graduating this year. Puff just told us that its a family dinner. So we just went thinking its a dinner with Puff's family la...

When I reached there, the whole house was empty except the gang. I was like weird, what's a family dinner without the family.

Anu brought the cake and the secret was revealed.

The cake Deeps made for us grads which was absolutely delicious. She actually asked me for the icing's recipe but I lost my recipe book at that time.

Before cutting the cake, Sim gave us, the grads, each a graduation gift which was a typical doll in graduation hat and a scroll.

I think coz doraemon reminded Sim of Buvie that's why he got her that. Hahahahahaha~

Does Lizzie look like a monkey? Hahahahaha~ I'll leave it to you to decide. But Liz, you do not look like one. Anu is the one who looks like one wtf. hahahahaha~

Sim gave me a Hello Kitty which was my favourite until I laid my eyes on Stitch. I bet there's no Stitch in grad costume (if there is please get me and i will love you with all my heart) so Hello Kitty will do.

Chooi yin, I've got a hello kitty. ne ne ne ne ne ne. Hahahahahha~

I was trying to act cute with my Kitty but Buvie super kacau la... I look so cute right? But she had to spoil it for me. T____T

This is no more cute coz the cute mojo is just gone. All thanks to Buvie. :S

But never mind la... I looked quite nice also in this photo.

During the cake cutting

This photo actually was very bad but I decided to post it up coz I looked hilarious. Click to enlarge coz I look damn funny. Hahahahaha~

Those two weird faces are like this cz they look better like that. Hahaha~

A better photo of all of us :)

This is much much better

Notice that in all three photos my mouth is wide open. I must be really hungry wtf. Haha~

Moi stabbing the yummilicious cake...(attempting to act cute again... *tsk tsk* tak faham-faham sudah terlalu tua untuk itu)

Ater dinner, Ann and Nana show me this room which was painted in blue (which was actually Puff's bro's room) and they said its good for taking IC photo. And we had whole lot of fun playing the whole IC photo taking thingy the whole night. Yes we are damn lame.

I realized that I was wearing blue and it matched the wall. so I camwhored a lot coz it looked damn nice. *yeba, still remember blend with the wall?*

Maybe my own wall was pink so I thought it was not that special to take photos in Puff's room which was painted in Pink.

Sorry the editting made it looking like white.

In the blue room again but this time taking photo for Lizzie. Don't you think the light looked like the sun.

I had a picture like this sumwhere in somebody's camera but I forgot who. Give me my photo now!!!! Rawr!!!!

Lizzie's IC photo but cannot use coz pakaian tak senonoh. Wahahahahahaha~

My ugly IC photo....yer kan I said no more acting cute, Dorcas Pang. See how gross you looked.

WTF now I'm talking to myself. Haha~

Failed also coz the smile is too wide... bah! Damn ugly...

Fail! coz fringe to ugly. Which reminds me to go to the saloon next month before John's wedding. There goes my June's pay. T____T

Okay enough of my face. Now let's see other people.

An unready pic of one of the group pic. Heheheheheh~ Look at Ann's face. Just as funny as mine at the beginning. Hahahahahahaha~

People kinda have the impression that I like to post ugly photos of my friends. No, no. You guys are wrong. I do not like to do that. I like to post ugly photos of myself but never my friends. I only post funny photos of them. And that's a very big difference from ugly right? ;p

Most recent group pic of the gang minus Peili. T_____T Erm... so I guess now Sim is a part of the gang too? Hhahahahahaha~ Welcome to the craziness, bro.

This photo is super funny la. Don't know why. You should have seen Deep's caption for this in FB. Hahahahaha~

Puff's like smiling to some ghost. I pulak like tak sanggup wanna see something. If you see closely, Ann is digging her nose. Hahahahaha~ And Sim is talking about something small wtf.

Lizzie's face damn funny la... Like so selamba nie she pose. Haha~ sexy until tak tahan. Nose can't stop bleeding wtf. HAhahahahaha~
I don't remember when by my camera died la. Rest of the photos were taken with my phone's camera. Not bad la. Looked nice also.

Er one more IC photo before I go on in case you all can't get enough me wtf. Tak malu betul. Wakakakaka~

Lizzie and I ala Blair Waldoft and Serina Van Der Woodsen. Yes very very tak malu. Hahahahaha~

I like this photo coz its candid vs non-candid in a quirky kinda way. Get what i mean?
Oh, did you guys realized that I was wearing the dress I bought from DFO during the road trip. Damn nice right?

Hello Puff!!!! I miss you. I want my GG. Hahahahahah~

Ann and her pretty curls. Me without my nose wtf. Seriously like nose-less right? Hahahahaha~

Bu and I in Puff's parents' room. The black wall is actually the cupboard. I thought we would look nice with black backdrop but I was wrong. :P

Bubu and I in the blue room with me nose-less again. Hahahahahaha~

The story about this photo is that Anu and I was taking a picture in Puff's parents' room in front of the black cupboard. When I was taking the photo, Sim went to off the lights and lights is important for phone cameras coz you know my cam doesn't have build in flash right? So I was throwing a tantrum and this photo became like this. Hahahahaha~

Better one without any interruption. =p Oh, don't you think Anu and my smile looked a bit similar? I thought so 'tho.

With Deeps who is getting prettier and prettier day by day. Don't you just wanna kiss her cute lil face?

NAna who's everyones favourite. Forever getting comments from people saying: "Your friend, that Nana damn pretty la..."

Last group photo before they leave for clubbing. I couldn't go coz I had no transport back, I had period and I had to work the next day. =( *sulk sulk sulk*
Well, that was it. DAmn fun and had lots of fun.
Now before I leave and go back to being MIA, here's one very couture photo of myself.

MAybe NOT!!!! Hahahahhahahahah~
Paulie said I looked like as if I had gastric when I took this photo. Hmmmm~ I wonder how did those models make this pose so nice.
K la... Till the next post when I'm able to online again in Paulie's house. Hehe~


trinatay said...

I check ur blog everyday ok..!

Dookie, the last pic is damn hillarious hahahaha! U looked like u r about to sneeze lol!

Before u MIA, wanna tell u that my aunty's son timetable is very pack so for nowm i don think he will have time to take piano lessons.. will keep u update bout that..

liz said...

i check the blog everyday too! *waving both hands in the air*

耶芭 said...

*angkat tangan* i checked ur blog too.........not too often, haha. cz u din post sth up. but yeah, i'll still waiting for ur post until u get ur streamyx! haha.

so nice that u guys hv a party like that =)

u totally blend with the wall!! haha. =D


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