Sunday, June 28, 2009

Road Trip in KL

Hello hello hello....

I'm so excited to announce that Streamyx is finally here... Yay!!!! But those who follow the twitter might already know so ceh~~~~ Hehe...

Here's to frequent blogging and movies downloading.... woohoo!!!!

Ok back to our road trip which is getting so draggy that I'm sick of it...

Our second stop is a day in KL which was a typical day we had back in uni la... But coz we wanted to do it for the very last time before we separate so yea...we went to The Curve.

Good morning everyone!!! We actually woke up later than planned coz we're lazy people all in one house. And that is why we're always late for class...wakakakakakaak~
If you're wondering about the last pic, what's CY hiding...its her phone. Don't know for what. So secrective meh?

Acting sampat again...and why my skin so flawless arh? Now it looks like shit. Oh and my fringe I miss it la... Coz its damn long again now. I don't know what to do with it.

This is like my favourite photo for the whole road trip. Esther said it was the sunlight that made me looking so pretty. Whatever it is... I think I look so hot in this photo *tak malu mode* Don't you think so???

Reached The Curve and walked on The Street to get breakfast. We don't shop with empty stomachs.
We decided to have Paddington, which was introduced to me by Esther. Loved it and thinking of it makes me wanna take a bus to KL and have it now.

Still trying to prove that I'm hot even without the help of sunlight. But I guess I just don't look hot indoors. Haha~~~

Our food came after a bit of waiting and camwhoring.

The last time I went with Esther and Neney I tried this Tokyo set. May look like its small but its actually quite filling. You know la people like me cannot eat not filling food one or else get hungry very fast.

I totally forgot the name of this set coz its passed way too long ago. But its a set with dory fillet, mash potatoes, some cherry tomatoes and panekeok (don't know if I got the correct spelling or not...hehe)

Panekeok is actually don't know what veggies wrapped in super thin pancakes. I tell you its damn good la... I don't know if other people likes it but I really love it to the max. I love it so much that I ate all CY's coz she doesn't eat veggies. (Now everybody knows her secret...sorry!!!)
Anyways, after lunch we went to shopping which was nothing interesting. The interesting thing is in this restaurant. The waiter counted our bill wrongly. One set of these set meals is around RM14++. There are four of us so the bill should be around RM70+ but it came with less than RM50. And we just paid and ran off... Hahahahahaha~ Sick cheapos la we all....
The only photo I took while shopping....HAhahahahaah~
Ok now for the buys...we actually only went to Daiso to shop. Coz it was said that the Daiso in The Curve has more stuff than DP's.

The amount of things I bought and its mostly beauty items coz I'm vain like that =P

This is the most dumb-est thingy CY and I bought. Yes... she bought it coz I told her its wonderful. So sorry....
So it says its an easy nail-polish remover...

All you got to do is soak your finger in it and its done...
So I decided to try it out.

Soak it like mad for hell knows how skin was like all crumpled and stuff.

Finally its off....phew~~~
Its damn lousy eventhough it does remove your nail polish after like 30 mins you soak. But it only works on small patches of nail polish. SO tell me...what's the good use of it???? RM5 wasted...

This is good 'tho. Its eyelash glue in black and its good coz it blends with my eyeliner and it stays on all day long.

This is another good product. Its the makeup sponge cleaner and it works like magic.
Just drop a few drops of this baby onto the sponge and wash it over water. And the sponge goes back to like its brand new. Plus its it has anti bacteria stuff in it so the sponge is really safe to be re-used.

Now I think back and I wonder why did I buy so much sponge since I had that cleaner. Hahahahahah~
Ok that's all for KL.
Next post is probably bout Teluk Intan and Langkap.
Stay tuned...
Gotta go practice J.S Bach's Prelude in D minor...Zzz~~~

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