Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Last Thursday Neney and I went to watch TRansformers 2 and had a dramatic fight before the movie. But I was too tired getting angry and forgave him before the movie and we had a happy night.

Before I talk about the movie I've some funny things to share.

That night while Sinren and I was in the fight, we sat on different chairs outside the cinema. He was sitting on the facing the counter while I was sitting quite faraway facing the wall coz i don't wanna see his face or else I might go and say sorry to him first.

Because I was like a girl alone and staring at the wall, some boys came over. I got a shocked coz I was wearing this short skirt and was shamelessly crossing my legs up high coz I thought nobody would bother me.

One of the boys: Moi, tunggu orang eh? Kenapa seorang? (Moi, waiting for people eh? Why alone?)

*in my mind I was like thinking f this shit, I doom coz Sinren's angry and he won't come to my rescue but I kept my cool*

Me (pointing at sinren who's quite far away): BF saya kat situ (My bf is over there)

They didn't get what I said at first and said "huh?"

Then I repeated and they ran off like lintang pukang...damn funny I tell you

Ok, now about the movie.

Pictures all from google and sorry I forgot to resize 'em

Well, the movie was actually not as good as I predicted. It was good and almost awesome. But not to the extend of best movie of the year like everyone said. Not super awesome la...

I think there was too much fighting and not much of a story in it. Stories were told like simply then fight non stop.

And a lot of the robots were ugly. Bah!!!

First one was better than this I think.

But its worth watching la...especially Transformers fan like me.

Optimus Prime was still the hottest robot ever...*swoons* He made me cry in one of the scenes. Like tears flowing la...not cry. They don't call me Movie Crybaby for nothing. Haha~

Megan Fox was like smoking smoking smoking hot....from a woman's prespectice...and that's super super hot ok...
I wish I was tanned and hot and small butt like her....T_____T

And another hottie was Mr. Fergie, Josh limited scenes of him but he melts me off almost instantly.
Sorry Shia LaBeouf, you're not the reason I watch the movie....coz you don't impress me...hahahahah~ Sorry...
Hoping to see another movie which is Blood The Last Vampire. It looked interesting.
K la...Lunch time...

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